Mosca Strap Production Process

Across a total area of 4,250 square meters, our high-quality strapping material has been produced in one of the most modern production facilities in Europe since 2007.  This applies not only the the facility, but the state of the art extrusion lines.  Our production procedure runs completely automatically right from the feeding of the processing machines with the raw material, up until the straps are palletised for despatch.  

The raw materials of PP & PET are melted in an extrusion procedure and then pressed through a tool to form the primary shape.  After water cooling in a quenching tank, the melted mass is stretched, relaxed, cooled once again and finally spooled onto coils as finished strap.  A transfer carriage picks-up the coil automatically at the winding station and passes it to the labelling station.  The production data is printed and stuck to the coil, which are additionally saved electronically onto a chip.   The coils are then stored in our warehouse in the order of production and prepared for loading.

Step by step,  here's the process...


  • The granules or the PET flakes are melted after internal processing in the extruder.
  • The melted material is extruded through multiple channel dies. Then the melt is cooled down in a water bath until solidification.


  • During the stretching process the heated strap is stretched in a heating furnace to the desired technical properties such as tensile strength and flexibility.
  • The production process is controlled and monitored permanently by predefined parameters.


  • The embossing process increases the stiffness of the strap.
  • The reduced contact surface and the increased stiffness of the strap improve the strap feeding process at the strapping machines.


  • The strap is heated in the fixing duct. Thus, internal tensions and forces are degraded, the strap is getting dimensionally stable. It becomes and remains straight.
  • Cooling the strap down to room temperature additionally prevents a later shrinking.


  • The PET straps are automatically winded, labelled, palletised and picked, according to the required length.
  • A digital marking on every single coil allows each individual coil to be tracked in detail.


  • The incoming granulate and PET flakes are precisely inspected.
  • Continuous processing tests guarantee a constant high production level.
  • Different strap parameters are tested and documented regularly.
  • Thanks to the unique label identification every single coil is precisely traceable up to the raw material batch.


Automated processes support quantity and quality targets

We have succeeded in increasing the quantity and quality of our products through complete automation.  Mosca strap production runs 7 days a week, around the clock, allowing a significant rise in our production capacities to more than 10,000 tons of plastic strap per year - and further increases are still possible.

The new site has also enabled us to extended our product range: we produce strap variations between 5 and 15.5 millimetres.   We also have the capability to deliver any colour strap you require (by special order).  Our standard colour is black for PP or green for PET.  We also have the facility to print your company name or logo onto the strap.  Our versatile product portfolio allows us to meet all customer requirements and offer the right strapping solution for every application.


RFID Identification

The introduction of the RFID identification allows better production control.  Directly after the winding process, all coils receive a label with readable and electronically recorded data, a so-called RFID tag. Before the coils are brought into our warehouse or shipped directly to our customers, they are marked with an RFID code.  With this code, the origin of each coil is traceable and any problems can be tracked and solved immediately.  This seamless control allows us to respond to any inconsistencies if the occur, to optimize our production processes and guarantee a consistently high quality of strapping material.


Mosca strap in the quantities you need

When we began planning our new production site, we placed a high priority on ensuring there was a generous warehousing capacity.  This enables us to produce high volumes of stock which in turn benefits our high-volume users by keeping unit costs down.  Weather you need a single coil or a full container load: anything is possible!  Not only is our strap product flexible, but our product supply is too.

Mosca's road to the future!
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