Stretch Wrapping Machines

Your products shipped to customers need to be secured for transport and protected against moisture, dust or other external influences. When it comes to securing goods for transport, MOSCA strapping solutions offer maximum security with minimal packaging. The straps secure goods to the pallet and prevent damage during transport. Additional stretch wrapping offers an ideal solution for protecting sensitive goods. The products are wrapped with a thin layer of film and thus protected against damage from external influences.

Here in the MOSCA Group, we strive for solutions that minimise the use of consumable materials. Our combination of transport security and packaging solutions offers decisive advantages for your processes. You can learn more about this topic on the Combining Solutions page.

Why stretch wrapping?

Wrapping goods with film mainly provides product protection. Stretch wrapping can be used in different ways to supplement strapping or as a packaging material in applications where other solutions are not adequate.

For example, if sharp-edged or bulky goods need to be secured for transport, the stretch film adapts to the shape of the product. Several layers of film can be wrapped around the unit load to create a solid bond between the products and the pallet and ensure the necessary stability for transport.

Stretch wrapping offers even more potential when it is combined with strapping. While palletised products are secured for transport with straps, applying an additional layer of stretch film protects them against rain, dust, dirt or other external influences. For example, stretch wrapping protects cardboard boxes from moisture and softening, or food products from possible contamination. When stretch film is used in combination with strapping, it only serves to protect the product and is not required to provide stability. This minimises the use of consumables.

Types of stretch wrappers

There are basically three types of stretch wrappers: manual, semi-automatic and automatic.

With manual wrapping, an operator applies film to the load unit without the use of a machine. Semi-automatic stretch wrappers perform this task autonomously and wrap the palletised goods with stretch film. There are basically two types of semi-automatic machines: turntable wrappers and rotary arm wrappers. With turntable wrappers, the load rotates on a turntable in the wrapping zone; on rotary arm models, the load remains still while a spinning arm with the stretch film rotates around the goods and applies the film.

Automatic stretch wrappers are generally categorised as ring wrappers, among others. The film rolls are attached to a rotating ring that revolves around the pallet. Depending on the wrapping program, the ring moves up and down. Unlike turntable machines, the packaged goods remain stationary during the wrapping process.

Fully automatic ring wrappers enable a high throughput of up to 160 pallets per hour. This level of performance is especially important in automated lines and offers a clear advantage over semi-automatic stretch wrappers, which are not capable of operating at such high speeds.

Pallet stretch ring wrapping machines from MOVITEC

MOVITEC  wrapping machines offer you the best solutions to protect your load units, ensure stability, and guarantee the best presentation of your product. What's more, these solutions adapt to your needs: from maximum versatility to high performance, MOVITEC supplies the wrapping solution that keeps you moving forward!

Your advantages with wrappers from MOVITEC:

  • Maximum quality, high output and minimum downtime
  • Guaranteed film savings with 400% pre-stretching (1 m of film is stretched to 5 m)
  • Efficient cutting and welding system eliminates loose film ends
  • Can start the cycle at any height
  • Electronic control and self-regulation of tension to fit load profile
  • Enables efficient anti-dust and anti-rain protection
  • Enables wrapping at ground level

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