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Reliable transport securing of products from the building materials industry is of central importance for all companies involved. If the load is not adequately secured during transport, it will have serious consequences – not only for the product itself, but damage can also occur to the vehicle or even people can seriously be injured. Due to the variety of materials, shapes, weights, sizes and packaging units, the right choice of load securing is essential.

Bulky wooden boards, roof battens or chipboards, heavy paving stones, clinker bricks, roof or floor tiles or large-volume steel sheets, pipes or grids: the timber and construction industries place high demands on the load securing of their products. Mosca has developed ideal solutions for these special challenges, which ensure that almost all products from these industries arrive at their destination safely and undamaged.


The following selection displays our range of strapping machines perfectly matching the demands of the building materials industry:

Tight bundling of long and narrow building materials

Both, the strapping machines SoniXs M-RI and SoniXs MP-6 'Timber' reliably strap long, narrow products such as roof battens and profiled timber up to eight meters long. Both machines are used in the wood industry primarily as part of a production line. For this purpose, the SoniXs MP-6 T, which is used in other industries for manual strapping, is equipped with a special "timber" package and a dedicated interface. Which machine is best-suited to a given application depends on the direction of conveyance.


Thanks to its special ring-shaped strap feed arch with a diameter of 300 millimeters, the SoniXs M-RI is designed for strapping roof battens, profiled timber or metal sections. These products usually enter the machine through a cross feed – a challenge that the machine masters by retracting the frame. This results in a flat surface on which the products can be easily positioned.

The frame then closes again and reliably straps products with a minimum width of 65 mm. The machine is often used in fully-automated lines.

Multiple machines can be connected in series to quickly strap wood or slats ranging in length from 4 to 8 m. The machine can also be operated manually with the strapping cycle triggered by a foot switch. In addition to standard PP straps, the SoniXs M-RI can also process strapping materials with higher elasticity which are commonly used in the lumber industry.


Our SoniXs MP-6 ‘Timber’ is a cost-effective alternative for strapping products that are fed in lengthwise. It aligns them precisely on four sides using a package stop, a pusher, and a hold-down device. It is equipped with the narrow SoniXs sealing unit that is specially designed for use of slim products under 100 mm and enables the strapping of non-compressible products like roof battens, wooden- or metal profiles in PP-widths of 5, 8, 9, 12 mm at high strap tension.

Since this strapping machine is used in the wood industry primarily as part of a production line, the machine is equipped with a dedicated interface to external conveying systems. Multiple optional features contribute to the very reliable performance of this specialist for wood products.

The innovative and dirt-resistant SoniXs ultrasonic sealing technology has significant advantages for the wood industry compared to conventional welding systems. As no heat for welding is required, energy is saved and fire hazard is eliminated, that could be caused by wood dust. The straps are not melted, which prevents deposits or residues from burning into the sonotrode, which in turn guarantees high availability and thus reduced maintenance costs. Additionally, high safety of the sealing joint is guaranteed due to minimum strap overlap.

HL Sealing unit - Full power for heavy products

From bulky wooden planks, to heavy paving stones and large sheets of steel – the timber and construction industries place high demands on transport securing systems. Our new HL high-performance sealing unit meets these needs with up to 7000 N of tensile force. It handles strapping with a width of 19 mm and a thickness of up to 1.27 mm – and thus complements the range of high-end sealing units designed for 12 or 15 mm straps.

Using Mosca pallet strapping machines you can now choose the sealing unit and strapping material based on your heaviest products. You can also save energy by using different sealing unit variants on multiple lines. The control software makes it easy to adapt the machine when less than the maximum strap tension is required. The new high-performance sealing unit is currently installed in the Mosca KOV-111-16, KOV-315 and MK-50. However, it can be integrated into all of our vertical and horizontal pallet strapping systems or existing systems can easily be upgraded.


The sealing unit operates with low-noise friction welding. An extremely safe strapping process is a key advantage of the high-performance aggregate when it comes to strapping heavy and bulky products. The strength of the seal is up to 80% of the tensile force of the strap used. A strapping control switch checks to ensure the strapping was successful before the product is discharged from the machine.

This way, users can rely on perfect strapping, especially in fully automated processes. The strap protrudes slightly beyond the seal in the running direction to secure the full length of the seal.

The modular, open design of the sealing unit is a real advantage if parts need to be serviced or replaced. Components can be quickly and easily removed without tools, saving time for operators and maintenance technicians. Another advantage is that many of the same components are used in our 12, 15 and 19 mm high performance sealing units. So significantly fewer spare parts need to be on stock, if several machines are in operation.

Securing large-volume timber products for transport without downtimes

When large quantities of sawn wood, chipboard, or other timber products are prepared for transport, the strapping technology must work smoothly and efficiently. Downtimes, especially for refilling consumables such as strapping, scantlings, and edge protection for securing the product must be as short as possible. This is the only way the process of securing goods for transport can keep pace with upstream production systems.

Our strapping machine KOV-111-16 system secures large-volume timber products for transport without significant downtime. Three new features ensure even greater reliability and safety. The high-performance sealing unit with a tensile force of up to 7,000 N enables heavy products to be strapped safely with 19 mm plastic strap. The new balk feeder and the fully automatic edge protection setter optimise product protection.


The new balk magazine of the KOV-111-16 holds 75 balks of up to five different lengths. During operation, the magazine moves horizontally below the non-palletised product to feed balks of the right length. When the carriage is not moving, the magazine can be reloaded manually, avoiding costly downtimes.

The fully automated edge protection setter also helps to keep downtimes to a minimum thanks to a large magazine that holds up to 130 pieces. Like the sealing unit, the magazine is located in the top platen of the KOV-111-16. As soon as the conveying system moves the products to the machine, the top platen moves downward for strapping. It automatically detects the edges of the product and sets the edge protection precisely.

This allows more flexibility for different product heights and widths. For further reduction of downtimes, the optional new-generation BSG-4 strap sealing unit is availabel. It seals the strap end of the depleted coil to the strap end of the new coil, reducing coil-replacement time to a minimum. The newest version is equipped with a battery, allowing a single device to switch back and forth among several machines.

The complete system is powered by electricity and does not require costly pneumatics. All drives are intelligently controllable, so that the product can be reached in every position by both the edge protection setter and the balk feeder. This gives maximum flexibility.

Solid strapping of non-palleted products

A particular challenge in the construction industry is the reliable securing of non-palleted building materials for transport. Our robust strapping machine MK-50 is tailored for this special demand. The KOV-111-16's "little brother" is designed for use on fully automated lines. It has been tried and tested in the ceramics and clay building materials industry and is optimally protected against dirt, high temperatures and other external conditions.

The sealing unit is positioned above the strapping frame and is therefore not affected by falling particles. Encapsulated bearings and electromechanical components help ensure maximum machine availability.


The high-performance sealing unit makes the MK-50 strapping machine a real all-rounder for the complete construction sector. With a belt tension of up to 5,000 N, the machine is now capable of reliably securing heavier, non-palleted goods like metal sections or semi-finished products for transport. The sealing unit enables the strapping machine to handle PET strapping materials with a width of up to 19 mm and a thickness up to 1.3 mm. The sealing unit also guarantees high tensile strength of the strapping at the sealing point of 80% of the strap used. An integrated control switch for strapping offers additional protection by ensuring the bundle is successfully strapped. This final step is essential in fully-automated processes.


If the machine is used exclusively for lighter products, the proven SoniXs sealing unit with electronic self-calibration can be implemented as a cost-effective alternative. This offers a maximum belt tension of up to 2,500 N and is suitable for using PP or PET strapping with a width from 9.5 to 12.5 mm. The MK-50 is used in fully-automated lines with upstream and downstream conveyor technology. When a bundle enters the machine, the frame and sealing unit move downward and the strapping cycle is triggered via an interface before the strapped bundle is conveyed further. The strapping can also be used as a transport aid when the strapped bundle – bricks, for example – need to be moved by hand.

Horizontal strapping with vertical edge protection

Our fully automatic horizontal pallet strapping machines like the model KOV-315 are commonly used in the construction industry as well as for bulky items. In order to protect their often sensitive edges, we are glad to offer now our newly developed edge protection system suitable to bundle bricks and other stacked products. Thanks to the machine's extremely high strap tension, heavy goods can be reliably secured for safe transport. For sensitive products, such as freshly produced aerated concrete (Ytong) bricks, the cardboard angles protect the delicate product edges from transport damage.


The edge protection system automatically attaches four cardboard edge protectors to the product to be secured. This not only protects the edges during transport, it also joins products stacked in layers to form a bundle – offering an eco-friendly alternative to stretch wrapping. Different edge protector sizes and large buffers offer companies maximum flexibility for different products and high throughput.


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