Mosca's Modern Strap Production Plant - Muckental Germany

To stay ahead of growing international competition, we made a major investment in our strapping production division in 2007 and built a production site in Muckental, close to the German headquarters in Waldbrunn. All aspects of strapping manufacturing including warehousing, shipping and administration is located to this plant facility, which is one of the most modern manufacturing sites in Europe, allowing us to meet the increasing demand for high-quality strapping materials with short delivery times.

Several automated extrusion lines operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Mosca is not only a polyester strapping manufacturer, also a producer of PP and PLA strap in widths from 5 mm to 15.5 mm, which can be used across all strapping machines, irrespective of the machine type or manufacturer.

Environmental sustainability was a key issue from the early stages of planning, construction and operation at the plant.  The site benefits from a huge flat roof which has been used to full its potential as it accommodates a photovoltaic system with 2,500 square meters of solar panels, which feed the power supply system.  Energy is even recycled inside the production hall; excess heat generated from isolated hot parts of the machine equipment is used to heat the hall on cold days.  Whilst energy gained from brake lines is made available to the system again in the  form of electricity.  Nothing wasted, everything to gain!

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Mosca Strap Options

  • PP Strapping
  • PET Strapping

PP (Polypropylene) Strap

This strap is available in 5 - 15 mm widths.  It is eco-friendly, safe for use with food and is pollutant-free. It comes in standard colours; black and white.  However, further colours or sizes can be produced in the same high grade of quality by special request.  Just get in touch with our UK Customer Service team for more information.

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PET (Polyester) Strapping

This strap is available in 9.5 - 15.5 mm widths and is made from 100% recycled material.  It is temperature-stable and guarantees high strength and elasticity for reliable securing of loads.  For these reasons, it is suitable for use across a diverse range of industries.

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