Ethical strapping manufacture

Since 2008 Mosca has produced high quality plastic strapping material in one of the most modern strap production plants in Europe, located in Muckental near to the company Headquarters.  From the onset, ethical strapping manufacture and sustainability was a key factor in the planning, construction and operation of the plant in Muckental and is a feature we are extremely proud of.

Several extrusion lines are in fully-automated operation around the clock producing Polypropylene (PP) and Polyester (PET) strapping materials. The strap ranges in widths from 5 and 15.5 mm and is suitable for use on all strapping machines regardless of machine type or manufacturer.  

Cradle-to-grave recycling process

Mosca's PET strap is made from 100% recycled material: The raw material - "bottle flakes" - come from used plastic bottles.  After processing, the recyclable raw material becomes a premium new product: depending on the width, the mostly green-coloured PET strap is extremely strong and reliable and withstands loads between 185 and 580 kg.  Any waste material generated during the production process is re-used via a shredding system.

The use of recycled material saves about 85% of CO2 emissions compared with primary processes.  The savings made over a year are equivalent to the annual amount of CO2 filtered from the air by a 500 hectare forest.

Outside and inside: using green energy

At our production plant, we have used the huge flat roof to its full potential and installed a photovoltaic system with 2,500 square meters of solar panels, which feeds the power supply system. This ensures that environmentally friendly strapping material can be produced as the line that produces the PET strap does not require more energy than the factory-owned photovoltaic system produces.

In addition, the weather from October through to March provides a further advantage: no additional energy for cooling the production processes has to be expended.  The outside temperature is adequate at this time of year to feed the necessary cooling units via a multi-functional cooling system of free-coolers and compressors.

Energy is even recycled inside the production hall.  The isolated hot parts of the machine equipment provide high energy efficiency and any residual heat is used to heat the hall on cold days.  Energy gained from brake lines is made available to the system again in the form of electricity.

Customer-oriented sustainability

Mosca continuously works on offering customer-oriented solutions.  One of our most popular products is the 5 mm wide standard polypropylene strap.  Here a linear length of up to 8,000m on a coil is offered by the latest spooling technology instead of the usual linear length of 6,500m.  This saves not only space during transportation, but allows for increased operating times with fewer coil changes and set-up costs for the customer.

Additionally, optimised packaging technology and palletising schemes ensure less packaging waste results for the customer.  For example, many specifications of strap are no longer packed in cardboard boxes, but are stacked directly on to the pallet.  This is completely wrapped in a stretch film and thus eliminates the need for around 40 packaging cardboard sheets per pallet.  Over the course of a year, the savings can amount to several thousand cardboard sheets!

Of course, customers can also dispose of their used strap responsibly.  Mosca strap products are recyclable.  Please can contact your recycling facility for specific information about how to do this.


Mosca's road to the future!
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