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Reliability is not only an important aspect of interpersonal relationships, it is also essential in daily production operations. A machine that doesn't function reliably can result in disastrous costs and quickly bring production to a halt. At Mosca, we value reliability in human relationships as much as we do in our machines that operate with minimum downtime and maximum process reliability – no matter how high the product output. Reliability also stands for clearly understanding the needs of others in order to respond accordingly. At Mosca, this means that we work closely with our target industries to supply machines that are tailored to the specific needs of each customer. As a technology leader, we offer a wide range of models for the printing industry and related sectors; from simple, easy-to-operate machines for small runs to fully-automated high-end systems.


For better handling and shipping, newspapers, magazines, printed products and other graphic merchandise are strapped and thus bundled after production. However, the stacks have to be compressed before strapping in order to prevent air from slowly escaping from the stacked products during transport and thus loosening the strapping. No problem for our machines - depending on the model, both steps are even done fully automatically. If required, a compact machine combination can also apply cross strapping in a single operation without turning the product – quickly and with maximum process reliability. This is an enormous advantage, especially in industries with high throughput.


The following slider displays our range of machines perfectly matching the demands of the newspaper and graphics industry:


The pros among the entry-level machines

With our innovative automatic strapping machines, MOSCA offers all customers, who do not want to give up high quality at an attractive price in the entry-level segment, a reliable, stable and user-friendly strapping solution.


Strapping small parcels cleanly and tightly is not a problem for the machines of the RO-M Fusion. It has always been characterized by its sturdy construction, reliability and easy operation. The operator starts by manually positioning the package to be strapped on the strapping platform and triggers the strapping process by a pedal. A potentiometer allows him to adjust tape tension. Tested for generations, it is a high-quality entry-level machine at an attractive price.


From the diverse SoniXS MP series, the automatically operated table model SoniXs MP-6 T has long since proven itself on the market thanks to its easy handling and flexibility. The strapping machine features a rotating operation panel and can be loaded from both sides to reach the full strapping capacity. Additional options including table extensions or a supplemental foot pedal increase the range of strapping options of this convenient and functional table model.


Our side-sealing strapping machine SoniXs MS-6 offers with ten different frame sizes and with the option of a frame with flaps highest user flexibility. Unlike most strapping solutions, the sealing unit is positioned on the side of the machine body for easy and efficient strapping of heavy products or items transported close to the ground. In combination with suitable conveying equipment the unit is available to accommodate both entry-level and high-end requirements.


Use of SoniXs® Sealing Technology – economical, sustainable and efficient

The machines of the Evolution SoniXs series use our innovative SoniXs® ultrasonic sealing technology for sturdy joining the two strap ends. This unique, highly efficient process is ready for use at any times. Ultrasonic technology requires no warm-up phase, which saves time and money. The sealing unit only consumes energy when it is actually needed. No fumes are produced during the strapping process, which prevents sensitive products from being affected. Stability at the joints is up to 85% of the tensile strength of the strapping material used, making it extremely secure.


Fully-automatic strapping machines – from maximum productivity to cross strapping

Specialized machine control, Mosca-designed software, SoniXs® sealing technology and user-friendly interfaces – Mosca’s high-performance machines of the SoniXs TR-6 series meet the highest production demands in the newspaper and printing industry and are equipped for the future needs of Industry 4.0. The fully-automated SoniXs TR-6 strapping machine is available in BASE and PRO models. For reliable cross strapping, they can be combined with an appropriate version into the tandem machine SoniXs TAI-6, which is also available in BASE and PRO variant.


SoniXs TR-6 Base: Top quality, affordable price


With its strapping capacity and high availability, the cost-effective base model SoniXs TR-6 Base is a top performer for industries with a high product output such as printing or wholesale. Thanks to its CE marking from the factory the SoniXs TR-6 Base can be easily integrated into any production line. An optimized chassis and cost-effective options, including a pneumatic hold-down device or package stop, make this base model a versatile solution for virtually all strapping applications.

Technically speaking, the base model with its modular design, energy-efficient ultrasonic welding and standard machine components including frames, SoniXs ultrasonic sealing unit, strap feeding unit and coil, is equivalent to a high-performance machine. Pneumatic actuators ensure optimal strapping and two control cabinets extend the range of the machine. The SoniXs TR-6 Base can be easily operated via pushbutton panel with digital display.


SoniXs TR-6 Pro: Fully automatic solution for Industry 4.0 applications

The high-end strapping machine model SoniXs TR-6 PRO features numerous technical refinements: Besides a wide variety of strapping programs and pre-settings that can be easily stored via HMI touch panel, operators can set various machine component parameters with the user-friendly Mosca software interface. The extremely flexible strapping editor allows the definition of a wide range of strapping positions, saving these parameters as formulas that include transport speed, strap tension and package dimensions.

When necessary, strapping programs independently select formulas according to predefined events that can be activated by external interfaces, sensor signals or QR codes. This results in many new options for product processing. Operation is further simplified by a detailed error display with troubleshooting support. Diagnostics can be handled via online remote maintenance direct from the German Mosca headquarter. Thanks to the machine's network capability the SoniXs TR-6 Pro is fully prepared for Industry 4.0 machine interactions.

The clou: cross strapping without package turning with the tandem machine SoniXs TAI-6

Both of the cross strapping machine models SoniXs TAI-6 Base and Pro consist of a compact combination of the machines SoniXs TR-6 and SoniXs TRI-6. They combine transverse strapping and inline strapping in one workflow without turning the product -  a huge advantage for industries with a high throughput and high machine availability, such as the print industry. Both models Base and Pro are  built on the same high-performance mechanics. They differ in their control systems, their handling and the type of actuators used. In addition, both machine variations contain CE marking from the factory.

The SoniXs TAI-6 Base is equipped with a MSCB-1 control panel and a keyboard. Pneumatic actuators reliably account for a smooth flow of the strapping processes. The SoniXs TAI-6 Pro operates with electro-mechanical actuators, and has a specialized B&R machine control. The HMI via touch panel functions language independent and enables intuitive operating. If required, errors can be diagnosed remotely from Waldbrunn due to the full network capability of the machine. Numerous options allow automatic adjustments to versatile customer requirements.


Pallet strapping systems for special securing requirements

For securing stacked print products on pallets and thus safely fixing them for transport, our product portfolio offers a versatile range of fully automatic pallet strapping machines. Particularly sensitive goods, as they often can be found in the newspaper and graphics industry, can additionally be protected against external influences such as dirt, moisture or impact by our stretch film wrapping systems and further protecting options such as edge protection feeders or cover sheet applicators.

Our machines often combine several work steps in one single device and are therefore particularly efficient, user-friendly and space-saving. Our pallet packing presses, for example, compress and strap the printed products in one production step. Especially for our customers who have little space available, our machinery portfolio includes a combination device combining pallet strapping and subsequent wrapping of the pallet with stretch film in one single machine - a real alternative to space-consuming production lines. All of our fully automatic pallet strapping systems can be easily integrated into existing production lines or equipped with upstream and downstream conveyor technology.


The KZV-111-Combi pallet strapping system combines strapping and film wrapping in one single machine by adding a stretch wrap spool to the strapping device, thus replacing a long production line with multiple devices. The pallets are securely strapped through the wooden sections using our reliable SoniXs ultrasonic sealing technology. The lightweight movable top sealing platen allows strapping at different packing heights. Thereafter, the strapped pallet is film wrapped according to different parameters.


Please view our complete range of pallet strapping systems and find the suitable solution for your individual application.


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