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Issue 2/2018

By using the claim “Responsible Production”, Mosca is committing itself to assuming responsibility. This accountability does not only refer to our products, but also to our environment and employees and extends beyond our region. For instance, regional organisations and clubs can apply for funding via the Mosca Project Competition. As a globally active company, our dedication extends beyond Germany. Through the relief organisation World Vision, we have been supporting projects in Africa for more than six years, focussing on improving living conditions and educational opportunities for children. You will find out more about our involvement in this issue.

More and more customers are requesting customised solutions that are not covered in our standard product portfolio. That is why we created the Mosca Engineering Division. Company management believes that this offer is becoming increasingly important. In this issue of Mosca 360°, you will find out more about Mosca Engineering.

The product innovation we present to you in this issue is the EVOLUTION SoniXs MS-6 KR-ZV side-seal strapping machine. This machine has two advantages over the standard one: It features a sealing unit that travels to the product and a lance designed specially for pallets, giving you great flexibility to secure your product perfectly.

To make sure our customers can use our products as they were meant to be used, we offer specialist conferences. The last such conference dealt with pallet packing presses. The conference follow-up report will give you an idea of how our colleagues conduct training.

This issue’s “Global Mosca” category informs you about EAM Mosca, our subsidiary in the U.S. You will also receive insights into the exhibition appearance in Southeast Asia.

In order to process Mosca GmbH’s many orders, we will continue to need qualified personnel. That is why education plays a special role at Mosca. In this issue, you can find out what apprenticeships we are offering in 2019.

All this and much more awaits you in Mosca’s customer magazine. We hope you enjoy reading this issue.

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Issue 1/2018

In today's edition of our customer magazine, we review the events of the past months and look ahead to upcoming topics and events.

Mosca GmbH and the Mosca Group ended the year 2017 very positively. Our colleagues, but also our customers have contributed to this success. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent and close working relationship and assure you that your success will continue to be our benchmark and goal for the future.

"Nothing is as old as yesterday's success" – this is something we at Mosca are well aware of. That's why innovation is so important for us. Being named "Germany's most innovative mechanical engineering company" by Focus Money magazine is a testimony to the efforts put forth by every one of our employees. The award also reflects the image and status our company has achieved. You can read more about this on the following pages. Innovations need the right conditions to thrive. That's why our management team believes in driving the capacity for innovation by investing in our production facilities. You can read more about the investment in our strap production in this issue.

The technical service unit will soon be marketing its products and services worldwide under the name "One Service". You can read about how the UATRI-2 XT professional workshop exemplifies some of the service and training work in this area. At Anuga Foodtec we present the EVOLUTION SoniXs MS-6-VA, a machine developed specifically for the food industry. Read more about the new machine and its applications in this issue.

The "Mosca worldwide" section introduces our new sales & service branch in Malaysia. This fascinating country and its excellent workers play a key role in the Mosca Group's success. In this edition, you'll also find exciting insights into one of our applications used by our customer Takko.

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Issue 2/2017

In this issue of our customer magazine, we present an overview of different Mosca activities – from new products and user applications, to the reorganization of our strapping material logistics. We are introducing two new additions to the Mosca machine portfolio: the EVOLUTION SoniXs MS-6-H and the UCB. While we engineered the UCB specifically for strapping corrugated board products, the EVOLUTION SoniXs MS-6-H is designed for large furniture items and household appliances.

From strapping machines to strapping materials, at Mosca we take product quality and the development of individual solutions to meet all customer needs very seriously. That's why we're always delighted to share remarkable user experiences that attest to it. Read more about the project we realized in cooperation with Toyota Motor Manufacturing France in only nine weeks.

We not only believe in what we call "Responsible Production." We also consider it our  responsibility to engage in social projects at our plant sites as well as on an international  scale. One of the articles in this issue describes the development of the World Vision project in Burundi, something we have been supporting since 2011.

This issue also offers us the opportunity to look ahead and give you an overview of our plans for the upcoming 2018 training year.

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Issue 1/2017

For us, "Excellence in Strapping Solutions" means more than expert guidance and support, reliable machines, sustainable strapping materials and preventative service. We believe that networking all of these aspects is a key factor for future success. "Industry 4.0", the term that describes this, originated in Germany. By networking our machines and consumables and offering comprehensive support, we help you optimize your processes and lower costs. A lot of processing costs can be saved by the right investment. Read about how you can optimize your strap orders with an RFID system in this issue.

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