Customer Testimonials

Customer: Barnsley Chronicle
Machine: RO-M FUSION
"You definitely get what you pay for.  Mosca are the Rolls Royce of the strapping world!  As a small company, we can’t afford down-time, so we need machines that do what we want without any problems.  The Mosca’s are quick, reliable, and easy to use.  We will definitely come to Mosca in the future for our strapping machinery requirements!”
Tim Brooks, Engineering Manager


Customer: R H Fibreboard
Machine: RO-M FUSION
“Since taking delivery at the beginning of 2014 the machines have not missed a beat.  The new RO-M Fusion machines have certainly helped with production as there is no downtime due to un-jamming a bundler or finding a replacement one while being repaired.  The actual increase it has made to production is hard to measure; however we have just had our 3 best recorded months of trading and feel that had we not had them, life would have been harder for everyone to get all the work done.  Mosca is a name that I instantly associate with build quality, service, and customer care and would always contact them in the future when we need new machines.  I would always recommend Mosca to anyone else”
Darren Williams, Production Manager 


Company: Sheard Packaging
Machine: KCK-131 and WRG Wrapper
“Mosca were our first choice when we expanded our site and added a new line.  We have always found them to be exactly what we need to help us meet our high production targets. We know their engineers.  They are available when we need them and always do a thorough and professional job.  We also use Mosca strap and have a great relationship with Mosca’s UK customer service team who ensure we never run out of consumables.  We wouldn’t hesitate to go to Mosca again next time we have a need.”
Lee Shackleton, Operations Director 


Customer: Rigid (Limerick site)
Machines: KCK-131-26 palletiser and  MCB-2 strapping machine
“The team at Rigid was impressed with the enthusiasm and technical expertise the Mosca team had regarding advising on various machinery specifications and how the system could fit in with plans for other key pieces of machinery.  The whole installation process was what we expected from Mosca and the company’s technical experience helped greatly.  We have a long working history with Mosca, so were confident that the machinery would be installed on time.  Mosca give a great deal of thought and time to ensuring that the new machines match the expectations of our company to ensure we meet the needs of our customers.”
Steve Whitby, Site Manager


Customer: inspirepac Markham Vale
Machines: MCB-2 and KCK-131 
"We've been very happy with the new machines, as we knew we would be.  We chose Mosca because of the reliability of the machines, the new technologies, such as the SoniXs heads, and the high standard of servicing the company offers; you can always get a service engineer when you need one! Both new machines installed very easily and have been an integral part of our set-up ever since.  We would definitely buy from Mosca again in the future.”
Adrian Thomas, Group Engineering Manager


Customer: Precision Colour Printing 
Machines: SoniXs TR-6 (Base) and SoniXs TRI-6 (Base)
“We’ve had so much success with Mosca previously that it was a no-brainer.  They are very, very reliable machines.   I was involved with Mosca at my previous company and I was pleased we chose to go with Mosca here too.  A reliable strapper is worth 2 hours on a shift and really helps with staff morale.  With SoniXs there is no waste and you get more straps per minute.  We’ve had no call-outs only scheduled regular service engineers, it’s been very reliable!”
Mick Hamilton, Bindary Manager


Customer: Phoenix Healthcare (Runcorn)
Machine: Evolution SoniXs TR-6 (Base) 
“I am very happy to use Mosca as the customer service is brilliant and more importantly I know I can rely on the machines which we have installed in our depots, especially our TR-6 SoniXs strapping machines.  Because of this and the excellent service which they provide I can say we will be happy working with Mosca for the foreseeable future”
Tom Barnes, Central Technical Development Manager


Customer: Cullen Packaging
Machine: MCB-2
“The automatic strapping process is faster than manual strapping which means we can run our case-maker faster, achieving higher throughput.  Mosca machines are very good - reliable, efficient and easy to operate, all essential criteria to ensure we can continue to deliver the high standards for which we are renowned.”  
Chris Adam, Production Manager


Customer: International Timber
Machine: ROMP-5
“We’re extremely happy with our Mosca machine.  The installation went extremely well.  The Mosca representatives were very friendly and the machine is just the ticket.  This is the first time we have had Mosca machines at this particular site.  We would definitely buy from them again.  The whole experience – the way they do business, the SoniXs technology and the ease of use of the machine has been terrific” 
Gary Madden, Engineering Manager 


Customer: Board24 Preston
Machine: KCR-131 Pallet Press
“Installation was seamless and had zero impact on productivity as it was carried out over a weekend.  The Mosca engineers were courteous and attentive and not only worked effectively with their own equipment, but were organised and effective working alongside other systems that were being installed at the same time, such as conveying equipment and IT.   We have had no problems since the installation in early 2015 and the test rig and spare head have proved invaluable!  It feels like we’ve had them forever.  Mosca have provided fantastic training to our engineers and operators and, looking to the future, we would not even consider any other supplier for future requirements as we have been so impressed with Mosca.”
Eric Marshall, Operations Manager


Customer: Stephens and George Bindery
Machine: ROMP-6 T
“Having used a variety of strappers on our mailing lines and none of them being that reliable, I was beginning to think this was the norm.  That changed as soon as we installed a MOSCA strapping machine: the kit ‘does what it says on the tin’ and straps all bundles (of varying depths) with consistency and reliability.  The MOSCA strappers are user friendly and the staff have really bought into this equipment because it’s so reliable.  It is a no brainer for me – if I need strapping machinery, whether inline or stand alone, I simply ring MOSCA and place my order!”
Marcus J Partridge, Group Bindery Manager


Customer:  DS Smith Plc
Machine: KCT Pallet Press 
"We have had our first Mosca pallet strapper for over three years and it has been fantastic.  It was installed quickly without fuss or delay and has been very reliable.  By their very nature these machines can be temperamental and need lots of TLC to get the best out of them, however the Mosca just keeps running and in those 3 years we’ve had to call the service engineer out only once who was on site within an hour.  The service department have been a revelation.  They are efficient, prompt and give you confidence in the product from day one.  The whole Mosca team are very competent throughout the whole organisation; from the refreshing leadership of the UK operation to the friendly admin staff in Nottinghamshire to the knowledgeable work done on our behalf by the sales representative, we couldn't be happier.  Pound for Pound one of the best bits of equipment I have purchased and I have been directly involved in over £25M of spend here.  We are so pleased with the product that we have just ordered a second machine and did not consider an alternative!  The key thing for me is that my staff are happy and they are absolutely delighted with the Mosca machines.  Anyone is free to give me a call if they would like to know more about this excellent company."
Mike Introna, Production Director


Customer: COMAG Forward
Machine: RO-M FUSION
"We have used Mosca for well over a decade now and the quality of machinery and service is outstanding!  We have several Mosca strapping machines that run reliably and trouble free for over 16 hours a day.  If you are after quality, reliability and wonderful customer service then Mosca is the way to go."
Richard Neale, Production Administrator


Customer: Arbor Forest Products Ltd
Machine: RO-M-RI (Moving Arch)
“Over the last few years, Arbor Forest has successfully used Mosca strapping equipment within our timber sawmill.  The equipment is very reliable in a high-volume environment such as ours.  Mosca provided a seamless installation and thorough training programme for our staff and this along with the product and service provided, means we will definitely be calling on Mosca’s for our next bander.” 
Simon Dennis, Production Manager


Customer: A & J Scott
Machine: KOF-611
"We are very happy with the machine which is running with no problems at all.  Mosca’s team of specialist engineers ensured that any minor hitches during installation were quickly resolved.   The machine runs smoothly and is delivering exactly what we wanted.” 
Robert Scott, Managing Director


Customer: Charles Ransford & Son Ltd
Machine: KOF-611
“We wanted something easy to use and maintain which was reliable and good value for money; we’re pleased to say the Mosca machine is delivering on all of those.”
Steve Turner, Production Manager


Customer: Swanline Print
Machine: KCK-121 Pallet Press
“The Mosca machine may be not be the cheapest, but the quality and service is second to none! In a busy box plant you don’t want equipment to break down”
Simon Kirby, Managing Director 


Customer: Phoenix Healthcare Distribution
Machine: ROTRP SoniXs
“Since using Mosca machines, we have seen a significant reduction in breakdowns and machine faults during production; this is vital to our business as it means we can meet our high volume productivity targets, which in turn keep our customers happy”.
Dale Ashcroft, Technical Manager


Customer: James Jones & Sons
Machine: RO-M-RI (Upside Down) 
“Mosca machines have proven their reliability and suitability, which is why we have come back for more.  Purchasing the latest machines through Mosca Direct made the process trouble-free and simple from inquiry to installation and we know we have expert customer support available.” 
Eddie Balfour, General Manager


Customer: Pontrilas Timber
Machine: KOF-611
“We looked at all of the major suppliers and selected Mosca’s KOF-611 for its impressive technical qualities and cost effective pricing.  We have been impressed with Mosca’s technology.  The KOF-611 is ideal for our purposes and has been very reliable.”
Phil Hulbert, Softwood Manager 


Customer: eCorrugated
Machines: KCK-131 Pallet Strapper and MCB-2 Bundle Strapper
“Previous experience of working with Mosca equipment proved to us that they offered great customer service, particularly after sales along with excellent machine build and capability.  We were particularly impressed by Mosca’s innovative SoniXs strapping head technology.  We needed strapping equipment that could cope with very high output levels, that was fully automated and offered significant reliability.  Mosca were competitively priced, fully understood our needs and were easy to do business with.  Plus, they could deliver to our tight timescales.”
Paul Lavelle, Director  


Customer: CBS Packaging
Machines: MCB-2 Bundler KCR-121-18 Pallet Press | WAH-4 Stretch Wrapper
"Mosca has always given us reliable machines and excellent customer service, with engineers and parts based in the UK for prompt turn around.  The newly installed Pallet Press enhances our working relationship further by improving our cost-efficiencies and packaging requirements without compromising on strapping performance"
Jitha Singh, Production Manager


Customer: Jaffabox
Machine: MCB-2 Pallet Press
"Mosca's equipment and support have been extremely good, which is why we have continued to place orders with them over the years"
John Amyes, Director 


Customer: News International
Machines: RO-TRI-5 | ROMP-4
"Since going operational, the strappers have proved their worth.  We are very pleased with the performance of the Mosca machines.  Since installation, they have run virtually trouble free and it is a real bonus to have equipment that is specifically developed for strapping newspapers.  Mosca was chosen for the reliability, speed of throughput and ease of maintenance of its strapping machines, which was confirmed over an extensive three-month trial period"
Allan Wain, Group Manufacturing Director


Machine: RO-ATRS + ATRSK
Customer: Durham Box
"The latest Mosca machines have been running smoothly since installation.  We feel that our end-of-line needs are in reliable hands thanks to Mosca"
Mike Morris, Managing Director 


Customer: Menzies Distribution
Machines: RO-M-P RO-T-R
"Given that Mosca has devised a solution that is fit for purpose, fast and reliable, we are happy to continue using their services for the critical process of magazine bundling"
David Morton, Strategic Director  


Customer: Northern Packaging
Machine: KZV-111-P30 Single Lance Pallet Press
“Mosca proved the best solution for what we needed and allowed us to maximise the benefits of our new production line.  When we identified a demand for another machine, it was clear that Mosca already met all our needs, so it was a simple decision to opt for another Mosca machine.  It is flexible, robust and easy to integrate.” 
Phil Bunting, Managing Director 


Customer: Boxshop
Machines: MCB-2 and RO-A-TRS
"A Mosca machine is the only one on the market that can keep up with the speed of the high speed case maker, so it was an obvious choice for us.  We know what we are getting with a Mosca machine; they perform exactly as expected are great quality and very reliable.  The support we have had from Mosca from the initial stage through to installation has been fantastic. We are very pleased.”
David Protheroe, Managing Director

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