History of Strapping Production

At Mosca we have a long history of strapping production and take great pride in sharing our development with you here. With our beginnings rooted back in 1989 we have unsurpassed experience and knowledge of strapping production.



Start of production of PP (polypropylene) strapping in Schollbrunn with one extrusion device in 2-shift operation

1991  As a result of high demand, only 2 years later we started running a second extrusion device, going along with
  the changeover of the production to 3-shift operation
1993  Start of production of PET (polyester) strapping in Kelberg / Eifel. We acquired the local production site of the company 
  RMO for pallet strapping machines including production of related PET strapping
1994     Relocation of the complete strap production to the premise of the company headquarters in Strümpfelbrunn.  From this point, both PP and PET strap production takes place at one location

Installation of a further extrusion device, which was designed for the production of either PP and PET strapping


Expansion of PP strap production by installing another extrusion line that processes PP strapping material
2007 Construction of a new production facility for expansion of the strapping production division begins
2008     Start of  strap production at new production site in Muckental. In one of the most modern manufacturing plants in Europe, producing our premium PP and PET strapping on several high-tech extrusion lines
2016    Launch of Eco-Strap: our newly developed strapping is the first one that is manufactured from renewable raw materials and is fully compostable - a meilstone in strapping history
Mosca's road to the future!
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