Performance Services

In addition to our ONE Service maintenance and support portfolio, our customers worldwide can now receive individual guidance on how to continuously optimise and increase the efficiency of their Mosca machines. The new component ‘Performance Services’ underscores the ONE Service mission to ensure customers always receive reliable, targeted support throughout the entire life-cycle of their equipment

Modifications & Retrofitting

To ensure that your strapping machine is optimally tailored to your requirements at all times, we are at your side with our know-how expertise! Through modifications and retrofitting, we upgrade existing systems back to their maximum performance capabilities.  Thus adapting the Mosca machine to the changing needs of your business through targeted performance and efficiency measures.

Personal assistance for added efficiency

From software updates and retrofitting to operator training: customised solutions can have a significant impact on machine availability and efficiency. With this in mind, we have introduced the new 'Performance Services' range. In direct consultation with the customer, our unique guidance system aims to identify potential improvements which can be made to maximise machine performance. Upgrading possibilities can be based on a variety of reasons. For example, it can be required,

  • because a machine has been in use for many years,
  • because production processes and the customer's needs have changed, or
  • because new functional features have become available.

From face-to-face conversation to customised performance package

Customers requesting technical guidance within the scope of Mosca Performance Services are given an appointment with a skilled expert for the specific machine they are using. During an on-site consultation, we take a look at the entire line in which the Mosca machine is in operation. The next step is to check the condition of the machine and to review previous maintenance records, analyse the processes it is being used for, and document ways to optimise interfaces.

We work with the customer to identify potential areas for improvements that perfectly match their specific needs and priorities. Following the on-site consultation, we prepare a report to transparently outline what measures can be taken. Even small improvements can make a big difference! For instance, in one situation, the strapping function on a Mosca machine needed to be adapted to the customer's growing production volume. In this case, a software update and the installation of photoelectric sensors significantly increased the performance. For other customers, a VPN router was installed on the strapping machine to enable Mosca technicians to quickly provide remote support for servicing and increase machine availability & reliability.

With ‘Performance Services’, we are stepping beyond providing purely technical support for our customers; but continuously helping to increase the efficiency of their machines to optimise their productivity.

Please contact us if you are interested in a personal consultation or wish to learn more.

Mosca's road to the future!
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