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A wide variety of products, demanding production environments and fully networked lines: The requirements in the intralogistics industry are enormous. Deliveries of all different sizes, formats or weights differing from the common standards, have to be packed and secured for transport across almost all industries. With our sensitive awareness of the requirements in the logistics, we developed an abundance of reliable and innovative strapping solutions for process optimization and cost-reduction of in-company logistics processes.


Thanks to our versatile range of machines, we can offer the ideal solution for every need. With the right model, we always leave you sufficient flexibility – no matter what products you want to strap, whether the job involves small packages or large pallets. From manually operated stand-alone machines to fully automated end-of-line solutions with full Industry 4.0 connectivity, which can easily be integrated in existing production lines – we have the suitable solution for your logistical demand.


The following slider displays our range of machines perfectly matching the demands of the intralogistics industry:

Our entry-level strapping machines

Our entry-level models are particularly suitable for companies that want to strap their goods less frequently but still reliably. The compact machines are ideal for strapping smaller packages and stacks as usual at wholesalers or mail order companies. Due to their space-saving design, they can be used in all confined conditions. If required, operation from two sides is possible thanks to the rotating control panel, which eliminates disruptive waiting time. The strapping is released by a foot pedal or via the control panel.


The automatic heat-welding strapping machine RO-M Fusion represents the Mosca entry-level machines portfolio. It is available in three different frame sizes and straps up to 55 packages per minute. The strap tension is variable, so even particularly sensitive products are protected with the super soft tension setting. The easy strap coil change and threading system allows effortless operation. The additional E-package allows the strapping to be released by a light sensor in the table plate.


Our strapping machines for the advanced entry level

In the advanced entry-level area, our fully automatic strapping machines of the SoniXs MP series have proven themselves in worldwide use for years. They are stable, work reliably, are easy to use and can be easily integrated into automated production lines. Thanks to the top-of-the-range unit in standard 6 design and the modular structure, they define the standards for fully automated strapping tools in the entry-level area. They stand for high strapping performance, flexibility in the widths, automated strap tension settings and a wide range of options. The machines of the SoniXs MP series can be used universally in all areas in which different products have to be strapped quickly and reliably.


Our fully automated versions of the SoniXs MP series can be easily integrated into automated production lines. Both, the “belts” version SoniXs MP-6 B and the “roller” model SoniXs MP-6 R are available in three different frame sizes. Depending on the conveying speed and the product sizes, performances of up to 35 packages per minute can be achieved. Many optional add-ons are available, e.g. the automatic strap tension adjustment ideal for operations dealing with varying product heights.


Our side-seal strapping machines: High flexibility for a variety of applications

Unlike most strapping solutions, the sealing unit is positioned on the side of the machine body for easy and efficient strapping of heavy products or items transported close to the ground. These include furniture and household appliances, such as refrigerators, washing machines and dishwashers. In combination with corresponding feeding mechanisms the unit is available in Base and Pro versions to accommodate both entry-level and high-end requirements.

The top-of-the-line Standard-6 sealing unit is supplied as standard with our patented SoniXs ultrasonic sealing technology. Features include a range of different frames, an optional frame with flaps in various sizes, ergonomic strap threading, advanced network functionality, and an optional fully automatic double strap dispenser, making the machines of the SoniXs MS series a versatile premium product.

The SoniXs MS-6 features ten different frame sizes with the option of a frame with flaps for even more user flexibility. In combination with upstream and downstream conveyor technique, it is fully automated and can be easily integrated into existing production lines. It can also be fitted with an efficient double strap dispenser that automatically changes the strap, a key advantage for production processes in terms of machine availability.


Our strapping machines of stainless steel for special demands


For the special requirements in the food industry, where machines have to work reliably under the most adverse environmental conditions in a cold, damp environment, we have developed three high quality stainless steel variants claiming full corrosion resistance: The machines feature a sealed splash-proof control cabinet and operation panel where all cables are wired in sealed terminal boxes:

  • The automatic table model SoniXs MP-6 T-VA as an entry-level machine, that can be operated from both sides thanks to the rotatable control panel
  • The fully-automatic SoniXs MP-6 R-VA with a rugged roller conveyor, which allows an exact product positioning thanks to a ridged v-belt drive
  • The fully-automatic SoniXs MS-6 VA with laterally positioned sealing unit, which is prevented from contamination through falling dirt

Our fully automated strapping machines for Industry 4.0 applications

Process optimization through advanced technologies as networking and automation are important factors in the production operations of tomorrow and are the focus of our actions. With our high-end solutions, we always go one step further in order to optimize your production and packaging processes and thus reduce costs. With specialized machine controls,


Mosca's own software and user-friendly interfaces, our fully automatic strapping machines meet the highest requirements of today's production environments and are also equipped for future Industry 4.0 tasks. Mosca strapping machines can not only be easily integrated into fully automated production lines, but also offer the possibility of triggering automated processes themselves.


The SoniXs TR-6 Pro  has freely assignable interfaces that enable direct M2M communication. Using sensors or interface signals, it automatically adapts the strapping images to the product to be strapped. Alternatively, saved parameters can be retrieved via the colored HMI touch panel or strapping positions can be set individually in the editor. With 45 strappings per minute, it is particularly suitable for use in tightly scheduled operations, as is often the case in logistics.

Our automatic and fully automatic pallet strapping systems

In intralogistics, goods securing on pallets plays an essential role: it must reliably hold the loading unit consisting of product and pallet together and secure it against impacts, dirt, water and theft, etc. The requirements are very diverse, because numerous factors have to be taken into account, such as format, weight, transport distance, reloading frequency and type of transport, but also storage time and location. MOSCA offers a broad portfolio of complete strapping systems for strapping pallets and larger goods with special securing requirements:


Our robust systems take over several steps of load securing in just one work pass and thus work particularly efficiently. Our pallet packing presses, for example, press and strap your load in one production step and thus secure it on the pallet. If required, we can combine pallet strapping systems with a stretch wrapper. Systems like these are an alternative to large-volume production lines, especially when there is only little floor space available. Our fully automatic pallet strapping systems can be easily integrated into existing lines or equipped with upstream and downstream conveyor technology.


Equipped with a SoniXs ultrasonic sealing unit, the fully automated KZV-111 quickly and reliably straps bulky, frequently changing packages. Its sheet metal construction makes the narrow sealing top platen extremely light and therefore highly dynamic and energy-efficient. Thanks to its movable design it is possible to strap packages of different heights. A strap tension balance system distributes the strap tension evenly across the entire package – a special advantage for rigid products.


Individual, customer-specific end-of-line solutions – all from a single source

HANSA-FLEX AG, a leading hydraulic systems supplier based in Bremen, Germany, has prepared its packaging line for the future. In cooperation with the strapping specialists from Mosca, a networked, end-of-line, full-scale solution that is capable of much more than securing goods for transport was completed within a year.


The project entailed intelligent strapping machinery with a fully automated parcel distribution system that combines state-of-the-art conveyor and strapping technology with automated data processing and Industry 4.0. This system practically eliminates errors over the last few metres of the packaging process, before the goods are reliably sent off to the customer.... read on.


Innovative strapping solutions in cooperation with business partners

Together with our business partner Gebhardt Fördertechnik GmbH, we have developed an exciting end-of-line combination of innovative load securing systems and automated guided vehicles elements. MOSCA's highly efficient pallet strapping machine KZV-321 and the horizontal strapping machine SoniXs MS-6 H, in combination with the automated guided transport system Karis from GEBHARDT, ensure that pallets of different heights are strapped and brought to suitable positions. ... read on


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