Digital Ideas for Strapping Solutions

As digital technologies continue to evolve, we continue to work on new solutions for our customers. Our goal is to optimise develop products, services and business models designed to precisely meet your needs and to prepare them for production. We would like to introduce you to some of our concepts that are currently in development.

We look forward to your feedback! Please feel free to contact us for further details:

Our visions briefly stated

Pay-per-Use & Coil-Management



Imagine no longer having to worry about having a sufficient stock of strapping material. Our aim is to develop the Internet of Things (IOT) for the management of your consumables.

In the future, the MOSCA Coil-Management System will automatically detect when the strapping material in your warehouse is running low. For this purpose, strapping coils will be equipped with an RFID tag. Our machines will read the RFID tag when coils are changed and forward this information to our ERP system via secure cloud connectivity. We then evaluate the strap inventory data. If your strap reserves fall below a predefined number of coils, a new order will be automatically placed. It will save you time and reduce your storage space required for strapping materials. It also ensures that your operations will never be disrupted due to a lack of strapping material at the end of the production line.



MOSCA strapping technology is the right solution for safely and efficiently packaging your products. But what if you don't want to invest in your own strapping machinery? Strapping as a Service could be the ideal future solution for you. This is a Pay-per-Use model where the investment in a new machine is replaced by billing for actual usage. You simply pay for the machine's performance and we handle all maintenance and troubleshooting.

We provide the strapping machine free of charge and you transmit your usage data, which is then used to calculate the monthly fee. This gives you 100% cost transparency at all times for the services charged which you can view any time in your customer portal. The Strapping as a Service model eliminates the need for costly one-off investments, benefitting your company's liquidity. At the same time, you are always up to date with the latest technology.



Even a small error can disrupt your efficient workflow or cause a machine failure. Fast and efficient service then becomes crucial. Our vision for the future is the MOSCA Callback-Request, where we help you resolve faults at an early stage. You submit your service request via the tablet computer assigned to the strapping machine. You simply let us know what is happening with your machine and conveniently transmit all relevant data to our technical service team via secure cloud connectivity, along with your preferred call-back date. Your advantage: When our service specialists call back, they will already have analysed all the data and worked out a solution, which they will start implementing together with you on site.


Mosca's road to the future!
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