Strapping Material

Strapping is similar to refueling: you don’t put the cheapest fuel into a top-class engine if you want to achieve maximum performance. Our machines operate with maximum availability as well. But only in combination with high-quality strapping can you experience truly peak results.

As a system supplier, we not only offer reliable strapping machines, individual strapping systems and comprehensive Service, but also provide plastic strapping made from polypropylene (PP) and polyester (PET), as well as our Eco-Strap. Since 2008, we have been producing our strapping at our Muckental plant in the heart of Germany’s Odenwald forest. It is one of the most modern fully automatic plants in Europe and operates around the clock.

As an additional benefit, we will be pleased to print your logo on our plastic strapping or emboss them with a seal of authenticity. This provides additional security during transportation. If your cargo reaches your customer with the strapping intact, he can be sure that it has come undamaged directly from your facility. Further checks are thus unnecessary.

The right strapping for the right purpose

PP Strapping

PP strapping represents approximately two-thirds of our production. We manufacture it as standard in widths 5-15 millimeters in black. On request, we will be happy to produce it for you in other colors as well. PP strapping material is particularly suitable for strapping packages, cartons or other containers, as well as lighter pallets. After use, it can be easily fed back into the material cycle. It is completely recyclable, has a constantly high quality, can be failure-free processed and is short-term available. Most frequent fields of application are:

  • General logistics (boxes of corrugated cardboard, styrofoam, plastic)
  • Printing industry (newspaper, magazines)
  • Corrugated cardboard industry (folding boxes, cut-outs)
  • Tins and bottles of plastic, aluminum and cardboard
  • Construction and container (furniture, wooden slats, tiles and bricks)
  • Food industry (meat, fish, poultry in folding boxes or styrofoam)

PET Strapping

PET strapping is particularly tear-resistant and elastic at the same time. Thus they reliably absorb shocks during transportation and, depending on width, can sustain loads of between 185 and 580 kg. Our PET strapping is available in widths of 9.5 to 15.5 millimeters with tight fabrication tolerances. After use, it can be easily fed back into the material cycle, since it consists of 100 % recyclabled plastic bottles (bottle flakes). It has a high stability for optimal load security. Its constantly high quality ensures a high machine availability.

Most frequent fields of application:

  • Corrugated cardboard industry
  • Printing industry
  • General logistics
  • Electrical industry (TVs, cooling/heating units, kitchen equipment)
  • Automotive industry (equipment and spare parts for cars, trucks and bikes)

Video clip "From the bottle to the strapping"

Get an idea of how we close in our production process the recycling circle from the reuse of PET bottles to the PET strapping being separated pure of sort in our animated video clip.

As much as you need – whenever you need it

We are also very flexible in terms of deliveries of our strapping. From a single box to an entire truck or container load, everything is possible by arrangement. If you are interested, we support you individually, determine your needs and also supply larger quantities rapidly.

Just as with our machines, you also benefit from our expert advice in choosing strapping.

We can help you identify the optimum strapping solution for your needs.

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