Sonixs® Ultrasonic Sealing Technology

Joining the two open ends of the strap loop is decisive in the modern strapping technology: Economical efficiency in terms of Total Cost of Ownership combined with outstanding performance are in demand. With the development of the ultrasonic sealing technology SoniXs®, MOSCA offers a unique, ground-breaking procedure that meets with these requirements.

Using ultrasonic sealing mechanical vibrations are transmitted under pressure on the ends of the plastic strap compressing them together. A special sonotrode – the heart of the new sealing unit – joins the strap ends extremely strong-consistent, fast and low on emissions, without generating heat. The process-controlled system is very operation-friendly, low in maintenance and operates nearly wear-free.

We have also developed the related electronics: thus, the solution is perfectly matched to the respective application.

Increase Flexibility, Lower Overhead Costs

The custom sonotrode, is the heart of the high-speed sealing unit, joins the strap ends for a superior, solid bond and consistent strap seal that maintains strength to keep your products secure and protected. Its unique seal impression gives our customers the ability to identify and deter tampering easily.

Unlike heat seal systems, SoniXs® strap seals are made without the use of high temperature components, reducing energy costs, improving safety, and generating lower emissions. The process-controlled system is operator-friendly, requiring minimal maintenance and reduced parts usage.

Using ultrasonic sealing has also given our customers the ability to use PET strap in bundling applications, allowing increased flexibility when it comes to a more sustainable plastic strap choice.

Benefits of SoniXs® Sealing Technology:


  • Increased seal strength saves the amount of strapping material needed per package.
  • In contrast to heat-sealing systems that require constant resources, the SoniXs® technology only uses power during the strapping cycle.


  • No emissions like smoke, fumes or smells.
  • Low noise level.
  • As SoniXs® allows the sealing of PET strap (made from recycled material and is 100% recyclable) it provides customers an economical and more environmentally friendly alternative.
  • The SoniXs® system is available at any time, without a warm-up phase.


  • The entire SoniXs® strapping system is state of the art in strapping technology and combines minimum wear with maximum availability.
  • Minimal maintenance is required as no residue is created during the sealing process.
  • Seals both PP and PET strapping and ensures reliable strap tension for transport securing under various conditions.
  • Easy switch between PP and PET strap when needed.
  • The self-calibrating system monitors major parameters before every seal for consistent sealing in any environment.
  • The tool-free disassembly of the sealing head allows easy and fast access to functional units in just a few seconds.
  • The very short sealing time, ultrasonic sealing technology meets the high demands of tightly scheduled production.
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