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Load Securing by MOSCA!

Is strapping a safe means of securing goods for transportation?

Securing freight for transportation is of central importance across all industries – from the corrugated board industry right through to the transportation of white goods like washing machines or dishwashers and heavy packages in the construction industry such as stones or tiles.  If your goods are not sufficiently secured during shipping, it can have serious consequences.  Damage to your items, to the vehicle or even personal injury can all result from inadequate securing.

Thankfully Plastic Strap ensures that goods are secured to the cargo surface by means of strap in such a way that means they are adequately protected during transportation against physical movement forces.

Prevention versus damages

VDI regulation 2700 describes “securing cargo on road vehicles” whose rules are regarded as a standard reference on the subject of securing cargo during road transport.  Ultimate responsibility lies with the driver or with the person who loaded the vehicle.  If personal injury results from inadequate cargo securing, the offender faces high fines or even imprisonment.

Strapping for increased safety

Securely strapping goods or packages on pallets increases safety during transportation and minimize the risk of consequential damages.  By using plastic strapping, your load will be more stable and can be easily fixed on the loading area.  Plastic strap also offers a level of security which satisfies paragraph 412 I 1 HGB, which stipulates that a sender must securely package, load, stow and unload goods, unless conditions or common usage dictate otherwise. 

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