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Can plastic strap be used as a handle or carrying aid?

The  processing of bulky or heavy goods that are difficult to manually move can waste precious time. Mosca's strapping machine and strapping system solutions save you and your employees time and trouble by making awkward products much easier to handle.

Simple and secure

Although not its primary purpose, plastic strap is a great alternative means to carrying all sorts of objects: from packages, cartons and  bottles to bulky items like flat-packed furniture.  Even if a product is already packaged and sealed in a cardboard box, adding plastic strap can make it easier to handle.  With the right machine and matching strap, almost any product or carton can be provided with strapping as a carrying aid – to create a loop or handle.

If you want to quickly and easily move a pile of wood or a bundle of magazines, two parallel straps make them easy to pick up and carry.  These straps can be made from robust PP strap, PET strap or PLA strap, as required.  Particularly heavy packages can be additionally parallel or cross-strapped to provide stability.  There is no limit to the number of straps that can be applied.

Comfortable carrying

If you want to use our straps as an aid to carrying heavy, or particularly large or bulky items, we recommend choosing one of our broader and easier to grip PET strap products in 8 mm width or wider.  Our narrower straps are of course more than adequate as a reliable transportation aid. Contact us  to discuss the best solution for your goods. We will be happy to help you.

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