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Standard Opening Hours
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For technical assistance, we are also available outside the standard opening hours.*

*This telephone consultation can be charged with up to 250 € per started hour

Service & Repairs

We offer you a global service network that is unique in the industry. More than 100 Mosca service technicians and over 30 additional specialists employed by our subsidiaries and partners all over the world ensure that our strapping machines run perfectly at every location.

Service network in Germany

Service operations in Germany are coordinated centrally from our headquarters in Waldbrunn, Germany. Our national service team consists of:

  • 12 field technicians (each responsible for one service area and cross-regional assignments)
  • 7 project technicians (operating from Waldbrunn, responsible for installations and special assignments worldwide)
  • 9 repair and maintenance technicians (also centralized in Waldbrunn and responsible for maintenance and repairs)
  • 1 application engineer (responsible for project support activities)

This widespread setup ensures very short response times when needed. If necessary, you can also contact our service team outside normal business hours.

Quick help in an emergency ...

Central coordination of the Germany-wide service team from our headquarters in Waldbrunn.

Our 12 regional technicians respond to machine malfunctions within an average of 3.5 hours!

All key spare parts, including motors, sealing units, and electrical components/ controls are available at the Service Support Center North (Hannover).

An application engineer is available as a specialist for project support activities.


  2 Freelancers support us in urgent repair and maintenance

Equipment and Qualifications

Our field technicians can be immediately recognized by their Mosca uniforms. They come equipped with a defined set of standard replacement parts.

We train our technicians both in-house and externally for their work. For example, they are certified by TÜV as a known consignor and are fully qualified for testing mobile electrical work equipment in compliance with VDE 0701-0702 and according to German Social Accident Insurance Regulation 3 (BGVA3). Our technicians are well qualified to react to the demands resulting from rapid technical development and our growing product portfolio thanks to our training and education concept, which we regularly adapt.

Technical support and remote maintenance

In an emergency, we support you on three levels. From the initial support on the phone to second-level support via remote maintenance to contact with the specialist department.

Telephone support provided by our experienced staff can help avoid the cost of an on-site service call. This team of specialists helps customers with troubleshooting and offers initial technical assistance on the phone.

If telephone support fails to identify the error, or if further assistance is required, our in-house remote maintenance concept goes into action. If there is a malfunction, our Mosca experts can connect to the machine via VPN and quickly identify the problem. This allows them to make a diagnosis or install new software if required.

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