Digitalisation at MOSCA

Rapid technological progress is not only changing our civilisation, but also industrial operations and business models. At MOSCA, we have made it our ambition to lead the industry by continuously advancing our strapping machines and technologies. And digitalisation is a key focus in this context.

When it comes to packaging, bundling and securing goods for transport, our digital solutions are designed to strengthen your processes and make them smarter. We supply innovative products that help you improve the productivity and efficiency of your operations.

The Internet of Things (IOT) involves networking machines and systems to build the infrastructure for cyber-physical processes. This technology offers far-reaching potential. We are currently working with WebHMI, a web-based human-machine interface that can be used to control machine parameters and visualise performance data or signs of wear. It also enables you to identify potential problems at an early stage and optimise your operations to further improve availability at the end of your process chain.

Top priority for your data

We attach great importance to data security in digitalisation. Using a scalable system, you can determine which and how much data is transferred and define a flexible data provision scheme from smart data to big data. Data security is maximized by UL certification (UL 2900-2-2) of the data transmission through our gateway to the cloud.

Non-stop progress

Our digital visions take us one step further. We are pioneering tomorrow's technologies today. Our focus is on improving the productivity and efficiency of your processes with developments ranging from a Coil-Management system, to a Pay-per-Use model and a Callback-Request solution. These technologies are currently at the development stage, but please feel free to contact us. Perhaps we can work together on your next project!

Digitalisation offers many more possibilities. We will continue our research into using digital applications to further optimise the availability and use of our strapping machines and systems.

Mosca's road to the future!
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