The pursuit of innovative ideas is a driving force across all of our company's divisions. Research in sustainable solutions is also part of the ongoing efforts in our Strap & Consumables division. Standard plastic straps made of polypropylene (PP) or polyester (PET) offer significant advantages in terms of tensile strength and stability. They can also be fully recycled after use. Our PET straps are already manufactured from 100% recycled materials. We are also working on increasing the recycled content of our PP straps in line with our commitment to improving sustainability and optimising resource consumption.

To further reduce the use of fossil resources, we are looking into alternatives that will enable us to produce more straps from renewable raw materials. This challenge involves finding a suitable material to develop a strap that meets all industry requirements and is biodegradable after use.

We have already achieved positive results with the bio-based plastic PLA as a basic material. The abbreviation PLA stands for polylactide, which is also known as polylactic acid. PLA is typically made from corn or potato starch that has been converted into lactic acid using lactic acid bacteria. This material is biodegradable and can be decomposed under climate-neutral industrial composting conditions.

PLA is currently only one of the options for producing strapping from renewable resources. Along with this basic material, we are continuing our research and development efforts aimed at producing straps from other organic raw materials.


Our ultimate goal is not only to mass produce an ECO Strap that requires no fossil raw materials but also to create the necessary recovery loop required for disposal and recycling of this ecological strap solution.

We believe this the only way to achieve a long-term, environmentally compatible solution for our consumables produced from renewable raw materials.

Would you like to learn more about strapping made from renewable raw materials? We look forward to sharing our ideas for ECO Strap with you. Please contact us at

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