Technical Training

Our service doesn't end after the machine is installed at your company's site. We believe that proper operation of our strapping machines and systems can significantly extend their service life. To this end we offer technical training courses for every machine type and skill level. These courses show operators how each machine and performance spectrum can be optimally used.

Mosca training centers in Waldbrunn and Hannover

Technical training is conducted in our modern training centers at Mosca headquarters in Waldbrunn and in our Service Support Center North in Hannover, or at your company's site. Your operators are trained step by step by our experienced technicians in the operation of the different strapping machines and systems. They learn about the many functions and how to maximize the machine's potential.

Training pays off, because skilled operators can ...

  • safely operate Mosca strapping machines and systems, avoid malfunctions due to operating errors
  • carry out minor repairs and help minimize service call costs
  • make full use of a machine's performance potential and improve productivity

Your benefits ...

  • Competent trainers with many years of experience
  • Modern training centers
  • Training courses at two locations – Waldbrunn and Hannover
  • In-house training on your site
  • Fair and transparent training programs

Benefit from well-trained operating personnel. Request a training offer tailored to your needs!

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