Strapping Machines

As a top-quality machine manufacturer backed by many years of expertise, we support you wherever strapping is needed as a packaging solution. Mosca strapping machines and equipment are available in a variety of designs that can be adapted to practically any application. We supply everything from reliable entry-level models with a wide range of operations, to customised, fully automated high-performance systems that can be integrated into any upstream automation line. From parcels and boxes, to bulk goods or products stored on pallets: our manual, automatic or fully automated strapping systems enable you to reliably and efficiently close, bundle or secure packages for transport with maximum machine availability.

We also supply Mosca's own strapping materials made of polypropylene (PP), polyester (PET) or biocompatible polylactide (PLA). These products are suitable for a wide range of strap tensions.

Manual Strapping Machines

Our manual strapping machines are designed for entry level customers who want high quality at an affordable price. These units are typically used by customers who strap less frequently but require maximum availability when the machine is in operation. Since the strap is placed around the package by hand, the machine operates without the usual Mosca strap guide frame. After the strapping process has been triggered by inserting the strap into the unit, the strap ends are automatically sealed by a heat welding system. A soft strapping option can also be selected for fragile products. The optional printer is a practical advantage that lets you print your company information on the strap directly before the strapping cycle begins.

Automated Strapping Machines

Thanks to model versatility, our automatic strapping machines can be used for a wide variety of applications. They are equipped with a strap guide frame through which the strapping is automatically placed around the package, tensioned and welded. The SoniXs ultrasonic welding process, which is standard in the latest machine generation, is used for sealing the strap ends. Depending on the model, the strapping process is activated by pressing a button, by foot switch, or by means of photoelectric sensors that are triggered as soon as the product is positioned on the packing table. User-friendly coil change and threading systems make it easier to swap coils, while versatile control panels ensure ergonomic handling. These are just a few examples of the many different options that improve the efficiency of our packaging systems and automatic strapping machines and make them easier to operate.

This model versatility makes our automatic strapping machines suitable for a wide range of applications, such as securing goods for transport in a variety of industries. For example, our machines equipped with a rotating control panel are ideal for strapping cardboard boxes used in the mail order sector. Heavy packages containing white goods or furniture can be easily strapped with our side seal machines. Wooden slats or plastic pipes can be perfectly bundled by our RO-M-RI machine with its ring-shaped strap guide frame. Our special stainless-steel models are designed to meet the highest hygiene standards for strapping food products and beverages. Mosca supplies the right strapping solution for all your needs. Contact us for complete details.

Fully Automatic Strapping Machines

From different product and batch sizes, to fast-paced production processes and stringent safety requirements, our pioneering, high-end automated strapping machines are designed to meet all of the challenges in today's packaging sector. Our fully-automated pallet strapping systems are indispensable when it comes to securing goods for transport.

Using Mosca-designed or pre-existing conveyor technology, our systems can be easily integrated into fully automated production lines and serve as the mainstay of an Industry 4.0 application. Thanks to open interfaces, users can integrate Mosca strapping systems into an M2M communication network with or without a control station. Visualisation takes place via an HMI touch panel that can be displayed on all PC components in the network via Virtual Network Computing (VNC) if required. If there is a malfunction, Mosca technicians can remotely access the machine and quickly diagnose any problems. This significantly reduces potential downtime and offers a real advantage in industries with high throughput.

Mosca software enables users to configure strapping programs via touch panel and save frequently used parameters, such as strapping positions, strap tension or press force, as data presets. The machine receives the necessary package information via the network, which recognises and transmits all data in a package-synchronised system. The corresponding strapping parameters are then assigned and the machine processes orders fully automatically with maximum efficiency down to single-package lot sizes. Mosca experts can connect to the strapping machine online and offer support in setting the machine parameters. This is something our customers truly appreciate.

Second-Hand Machines

Mosca also supplies a wide range of inexpensive pre-owned strapping machines for virtually all applications – from practical automatic and inline strapping machines, to fully-automated systems complete with conveyor technology. All pre-owned machines are overhauled at our factory to meet the highest standards when it comes to maintenance and operational suitability. As a customer, you can rest assured that your machine will operate perfectly for years to come. Browse through our website for a low-priced model that meets your needs.

Strapping – the method of choice in many industries

From the corrugated board and paper industry, to the mail order sector, logistics, building materials, food and beverage or graphic arts – the range of applications for our machines is as widely varied as our portfolio of products and services. Whether you need to strap pallets or individual packages, we are familiar with the special demands and market requirements of your business and can supply tailor-made solutions for your operations.

Practical aspects and modular concepts

We take many practical aspects into account in designing our strapping systems. Mosca machines are compact and require minimal floor space. Many models are mounted on four castors and can be easily moved from A to B when they are needed in a different production area. Changing the strap coils is also quick and easy. Several of the automatic machines can be operated from both sides – a real advantage when things have to be done quickly and different operators are using the same machine. These are just a few of the many practical features available on our packaging machines.

Mosca machines are manufactured based on a modular, shared component concept that is integrated into our new-generation machines. We use standardised core components including the strap sealing unit, strap dispenser, feeding unit, strap magazine and strap guide frame. The Standard-6 strap path can now be disassembled without tools and easily reassembled in just a few steps. This concept pays off for you because it makes machine maintenance, cleaning and servicing simple and efficient.

Eco-friendly and energy-saving

Strap ends are welded on our automatic strapping machines using Mosca's own SoniXs ultrasonic technology. This is a standard feature on this machines series and ensures a high-strength sealing point with no vapours and low energy consumption. This enables Mosca to meet the highest standards for eco-friendly, resource-saving products and processes – an important aspect of the company's philosophy.

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