There are 101 ways to seal a box closed.

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"How to close a box"

Strapping is the perfect way to secure goods, cartons or packages for safe transportation: quickly, efficiently and with minimum use of materials. Strapping is suitable for all sorts of materials, sizes and shapes.

Cardboard boxes that correspond to the European packaging standards are especially well suited to strapping. The typical FEFCO standard 0203 for example – a cardboard box with overlapping bottom and top flaps – is used for a wide range of products. In conjunction with a strapping system, these boxes allow you to transport goods securely closed and well protected to the desired destination.

Closing made easy

A closure solution needs to meet several requirements: it should be secure and must reliably hold the goods together during transportation or storage. The closing process needs to be as fast as possible while still remaining cost effective. Ultimately, the package should be easy to open without damaging the packaging. Mosca strapping solutions enable you not only to enclose your freight securely but also efficiently, quickly and cost-effectively – semi- or fully automatically, as required. The process is simple. The packaged goods to be sealed are inserted into the machine. The machine then lays the strap in the desired position around the article and tightens it, after which the strap ends are welded – either by hot wedge or with our patented ultrasonic SoniXs technology. To open, pull firmly on the closure seam until the strap comes free. You can then remove it in one piece.

Material saving closure

Tailored to suit your product from PP or PET , our strapping is a material-saving closure solution and can be simply fed back into the material cycle after use. In addition, no residues remain on the strapped packaging, as can be the case with adhesive solutions or packing tapes. This makes it easier to dispose of cardboard packaging, achieving a double plus for sustainability.

Wrapping your packages in film, for example, vastly increases the use of material. Packaging with string is not allowed by many parcel services because the string could get stuck in the distribution center machinery and cause damage. With strapping, however, you are always on the safe side.

A safety plus

And if you choose to have your strapping individually printed, the recipient can be sure that your goods have arrived unopened, directly from your facility – a safety plus that removes the need for lengthy checks.

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