The strapping – your sustainable advantages

With our products, we aim to support you in achieving your sustainability goals and making your company processes even more sustainable. Many companies focus primarily on their own products when considering the topic of sustainability. We go one step further and also strive to optimize intralogistics processes in a sustainable manner. In doing so, we use strapping as a means of scrutinizing the distribution of your products within the company, to other company locations, and to your customers.

As a packaging solution, strapping is in itself a very sustainable alternative to other processes.

Why strapping is a sustainable solution

Minimum packaging

As minimal packaging, strapping gets by with using a minimum of material for packaging, bundling and securing products for transport – whether as a small package, bundle or as palletized goods. A narrow plastic strap secures even heavy and bulky goods reliably and efficiently.

Other supposedly resource-intensive processes, such as stretch wrapping, are also reduced to a minimum use of material when combined with strapping: Because strapping provides reliable transport security, the film is no longer needed for the stability of the product bundle during stretch wrapping, but only for protection against external influences such as moisture or dust. Consequently, much less plastic film needs to be placed around the product.

Separation by type

After the strapping band has been used, for example to seal cardboard boxes, it can be removed from the product without leaving any residue. This means that the packaged products are not contaminated and the materials can be sorted by type. An appropriate recycling process can thus be ensured for both the strapping band and the cardboard packaging used.


We already produce 100% of our PET strapping from recycled materials. However, when it comes to recycling, sustainability does not only mean the use of recycled materials. For us, it also means ensuring that our strapping is returned to the materials cycle. You can find out more about the recycling loop for our strapping in the Sustainable Products section.

Tamper resistance

Not only sustainable, but also secure. With our efficient SoniXs ultrasonic sealing technology, we can not only sustainably seal our straps, but also protect them against tampering. With minimal use of energy to seal the ends of the strap, the SoniXs sonotrode creates a unique seal at the point of fusion. So you can be sure that your product will arrive safely at your customer’s door.

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