End-of-Line Solutions

At MOSCA, rather than seeing strapping as an isolated solution at the end of your production line, we aim to optimally align the surrounding processes and equipment with the packaging process. With our many years of experience and our focus on Industry 4.0 applications, we are able to accompany you on the path towards networked production.

In many cases, equipment for labeling, palletizing or inspection systems are used at the end of the packaging line alongside machines for packaging and transport security. If these elements are optimally coordinated, the performance of each individual machine or system can be maximized, thus significantly increasing the efficiency of your production processes.

Automation and interlinking of packaging and shipping processes are also among the holistic solutions we develop for you. Our goal is to provide you with the ideal solution for your application.

What are the benefits for you?

If all of your processes and all of the machines in your line are perfectly synchronized, this means greater efficiency for you. Malfunctions are avoided, which in turn positively influences the availability of the entire system. Automation of your processes can also save you a considerable amount of time. Communication between the individual machines increases your throughput – without the intervention of operators or the need for manual handling. This also reduces the vulnerability of the processes to errors.

Case studies

We have implemented numerous end-of-line solutions in the past – from processing simple packages to handling palletized goods. Here is an overview of some of our projects:

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