Maintenance & Contracts

Maintenance Concept

Our standardized ONE Service maintenance concept offers high-quality maintenance and comprehensive services, not just when there is a malfunction. We work closely with you to offer maintenance services that extend the service life of the Mosca machines in your company. Our services are optimally adapted to your needs and work processes. We focus on offering the consistently high standards of service quality worldwide. Since the beginning of 2018, we have been working with the same sets of maintenance parts, descriptions, and checklists. Our service management system obtains information about the condition of the machines in each country and about the services a customer has received. This means that customers will always receive the best possible recommendations.

In addition to our sets of maintenance parts, we offer standardised spare parts kits to complement our standardized ONE Service concept, which optimally supplement to the all-round carefree package. With the expertise of our service  technicians, the basic spare parts for each machine type and all standard units have been compiled in a set. Minor malfunctions can thus be rectified immediately and the productivity of the machines and systems in operation can be ensured at a high level.

Maintenance Contracts

Regular maintenance of your strapping machines ensures consistently high machine availability and production reliability. Our maintenance contracts offer you a number of advantages. For example, we focus on your specific needs when we schedule maintenance.

10 good reasons for a maintenance contract

  • "All-round carefree package" – service personnel  automatically remind you of upcoming  maintenances
  • Transparent and fair maintenance contracts
  • Plannable maintenance costs and support for your in-house maintenance strategy
  • Reduced travel expenses and hourly rates
  • Extra discount of 10 per cent  in case of using Mosca  plastic straps
  • Integration of free  machine upgrades during maintenance
  • Automatic installation of software updates
  • Standardized processes during maintenance
  • Contracts can be terminated annually
  • German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV) Regulation 3 – Repeat testing of electrical devices, machines, and systems according to DIN VDE 0701-0702 (integrated into maintenance)

We would be pleased to prepare a confidential, non-binding maintenance offer for you!

Request for maintenance offer

In addition to scheduled maintenance, we also keep an eye on the future of our customers' machines. Pooling and evaluating transnational information in one system enables us to provide preventive maintenance support and to avoid a foreseeable machine malfunction.

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