Sonixs Ultrasonic Sealing Technology

Joining the two open ends of the strap loop is decisive in the modern strapping technology: Economical efficiency in terms of Total Cost of Ownership combined with outstanding performance are in demand. Mosca’s proprietary SoniXs ultrasonic sealing heads have revolutionized strapping systems offering significant and proven advantages over traditional heat-seal technologies, including cost, maintenance, and longevity across all industries and applications.

SoniXs sealing heads are available on most bundlers, and all load securing systems and unitizers. It is now our customers preferred method of sealing on strapping machines from Mosca.

What is ultrasonic sealing & how does it work?

In ultrasonic strap sealing, low-amplitude, highfrequency vibrations transfer to both ends of the plastic strapping material. The sonotrode, the heart of the high-speed sealing unit, joins the strap ends together for a superior, consistent strap seal that maintains strength to keep your products secure and protected. Its unique seal impression allows our customers to identify and deter tampering easily. Unlike heat seal systems, SoniXs strap seals are made without hightemperature components, reducing energy costs, improving safety with no fumes.

The process-controlled system is operator-friendly, requiring minimal maintenance and reduced parts usage as no residues are created during the sealing process.

Sustainable, efficient and economical with reliable performance

Using ultrasonic waves to weld strap ends together, SoniXs technology is able to safely and reliably seal, creating no harmful smoke, fumes, or smells often associated with heat or friction sealing methods.

For increased sustainability, SoniXs only uses energy during the sealing process with no warm-up time required. 

Key Benefits


SoniXs allows strapped products to withstand significant stress, enabling the use of thinner, narrower strapping materials without loss of performance.


Increased seal strength reduces cost and the amount of strap needed per package without negatively impacting package quality or security.


Innovative lever-style gripper, knife, and sonotrode drive with sealed bearing construction provide maximum durability with less wear and tear.


The self-calibrating system monitors major parameters before every seal for consistent sealing in any environment.


SoniXs seals PP, PET and Paper straps with broad tension ranges, ensuring tight straps and secure bundles under all conditions and during transportation.


SoniXs only uses power during the strapping cycle compared a heat-sealing system that uses constant resources.


Minimal maintenance is required as no residues are created during the sealing process. Our tool-less sealing head can be disassembled in 30 seconds allowing for quick and easy maintenance access.


Switch between PP, PET and Paper strap when needed. (Minor adjustments and part change may be required.)


As there is no significant heating during welding using SoniXs technology, there is no risk of injury. Furthermore, there is no fire risk for highly inflammable goods.


The SoniXs sealing process causes no perceptible mechanical noise, which contributes to a pleasant working environment.


Thanks to the very short sealing time, ultrasonic sealing technology meets the high demands of tightly scheduled production.

The best solution for harsh wet environments

The stainless-steel corrosion-resistant version of Mosca‘s SoniXs sealing head is used in all Mosca stainless-steel bundlers for greater durability and performance in harsh and wet conditions found in meat, seafood, and poultry processing environments.

Combined with an IP56 cabinetry standard, Mosca‘s stainlesssteel range of strapping machines allows our customers to regularly achieve high cycle counts with low maintenance, a rarity in the industry.

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