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When it comes to strapping of food products hygiene is the key focus: machines along the entire process chain need to work fast and must be easy to clean. That‘s where the advantages of our SoniXs ultra sonic technology become apparent: Instead of the common heat welding unit the strap ends are welded efficiently and with low emission using ultrasonic. This way the cleaning of the heating element can be eliminated, which minimizes the maintenance effort and protects the environment. Some of our machines are specified for the use in the food industry and are made of corrosion resistant steel. They can be cleaned with water without rusting. This eliminates the need for manual protection (such as a plastic hood) of non-rusting components. Especially in case of perishable foods a fast, clean process is crucial: Since we know that safe processes are essential, our machines work consistently and reliably.

The following selection displays our range of machines perfectly matching the demands of the food and beverage industry:

Stainless steel grade – our answer to corrosion matters

The food industry demands reliable and high-performance packaging solutions in adverse environmental conditions. The strapping machines of the VA-series meet these requirements: their corrosion-resistant components are designed specifically for the cold and damp environment in the food industry. This is ensured by the use of high quality stainless steel and aluminum materials. The machines feature a sealed splash-proof control cabinet and operation panel where all cables are wired in sealed terminal boxes.

Our three top sellers of stainless steel:

Our entry-level model SoniXs MP-6 T-VA adds to the system options for high-volume poultry, meat and seafood processors, or for use in any wet, harsh environment. The rugged and compact system can be easily moved where needed and is a great stand alone unit or companion to fully automatic systems during peak periods. Refined system components offer the best performance solution for lowest total cost of ownership.

The fully automatic SoniXs MP-6 R-VA moves the product on a rugged roller conveyor with a ridged v-belt drive that eliminates belt tracking issues and allows an exact product positioning. Oversized casters make rolling on plant floors and drain openings easy. As an option, the machine‘s conveying direction can be reversed, providing maximum flexibility in operations that have lines with both right and left-handed equipment layouts.

With its side seal design, the SoniXs MS-6-VA prevents the sealing head from falling debris, water and ice which can affect strapping performance, making it a great choice for seafood industries where dripping water can often be a concern. The beneficial optional double strap dispenser allows the machine to automatically switch to a full coil when the strapping material comes to an end. This enables the operator to replace the empty coil later without interrupting machine operation.

Side sealing – a clean affair

Besides an easy cleaning process, the focus in the food industry is on high availability to process sensitive products quickly. Contamination or falling parts must therefore not affect the performance of the machine. Our side sealing machines offer a decisive advantage here: As the ultrasonic sealing unit is located at the side of the frame and not underneath the products to be strapped, it is less susceptible to contamination by falling parts, such as the polystyrene of the transport boxes, ice or food. Thanks to the ultrasonic sealing unit, which is installed in most of the Mosca machines as a standard feature, the sensitive products are additionally protected: There is no heat development during the welding of the straps and thus no vapor, that could affect the products. This also prevents particles from sticking to the unit. In combination with upstream and downstream conveyor technique, our side sealing machines are fully automated and can be easily integrated into existing production lines.

Our two side-seal strapping specialists:

Unlike most strapping solutions, the sealing unit of the strapping machine SoniXs MS-6 is positioned on the side of the machine body for easy and efficient strapping of heavy products or items transported close to the ground. In combination with corresponding feeding mechanisms the unit is available in Base and Pro versions to accommodate both entry-level and high-end requirements. Many optional features are available making the SoniXs MS-6 a versatile premium product.

Our SoniXs MS-6 KR-ZV is a tailor-made, cost-effective strapping solution for securing lightweight products on pallets, dollies or pallet cages. The cost-saving model is CE-compliant from the factory without a safety enclosure when used as a stand-alone machine or with non-driven conveyor systems. The machine's movable strap lance maneuvers between planks, feet or runners and, together with the side-mounted sealing unit, enables strapping close to the ground.

Horizontal strapping – save the pile

Flexibility and reliability is indispensable in the food industry, where full and empty plastic crates and corrugated boxes in different formats and stack heights are shipped. Preparing fresh produce for transport needs to be done quickly and reliably – especially during peak seasons. Heavy products or items transported close to the ground, such as fruit, vegetables or drinks packed in crates, can best be secured for transportation using horizontal strapping. Our high-performance strapping machines are ideal for this application using a movable frame to horizontally strap products at different heights. Thanks to their high throughput speed, food producers can strap palletized cartons or plastic crates up to five times in 20 seconds. The strap tension is automatically adjusted to the sensitivity of the package. Delicate and high stacked goods can be protected by our optional vertical edge protection applicator, which automatically attaches four cardboard edge protectors to the product to be secured. A choice of strap width ranging from 5 to 12 millimeters gives companies more flexibility. For empty boxes and other lightweight packages returned to the producer, 5-millimeter strapping is a cost-effective and efficient option.

Our top model for horizontal strapping:

When it comes to flexibility and speed, our horizontal strapping machine SoniXs MS-6-H is unrivaled. It straps products based on specific programs or automatically selects the best strapping position. A built-in sensor detects the height of a product before the machine straps it according to customer-defined parameters. It can be integrated into fully automated lines or operated manually. This makes it suitable for smaller companies as well as for large-scale automated production.

Tailor-made and sophisticated options

  • Vertical Edge Protection Feeder
    The vertical edge protection is mainly used in the fruit industry to reliably secure horizontally stacked layers. This device positions solid cardboard protection elements on the four outer edges of the product to be packaged before the machine straps them horizontally. The standard magazine can be loaded with edge protectors in three different sizes. Along with the length of the entire element, the wing width and material thickness are variable. The edge protectors are made from solid recyclable cardboard, which offers an eco-friendly alternative to stretch wrapping or other methods that use plastic film to hold stacked layers in place. When the supply of edge protectors is used up, the empty magazine can be quickly removed from the machine and replaced with a full one. This saves time, material and production costs. Read more …

  • Double strap dispenser
    Especially for the peak times in the food industry, the automatic double strap dispenser is very advantageous. It supplies the machine with two strap coils: When one expires, the other automatically connects – almost seamlessly. This saves 80 percent of the time required for a traditional coil change. The empty coil can then be replaced by a production employee at a suitable time.

  • In-line Label Applicator
    To send pre-packaged and strapped product composites, such as used in the beverage industry, to the right recipient with low effort an appropriate labelling is required. A labeller downstream the strapping machine sticks a label on the load allowing precise tracking. With the help of two-sided labelling after the strapping process, downtimes are avoided and the label is optimally placed on the product. Customer-specific data can thus be automatically applied to individual products, if required. Additional advantage: The labeller can be installed without additional protective housing.

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