Combining solutions

Alongside holistic end-of-line solutions consisting of a wide variety of equipment at the end of the production line, the combination of different packaging processes offers great potential.

In the area of palletized goods, strapping has the objective of creating a stable and reliable product bond. Vertical strapping ensures that products are bonded to the pallet, horizontal strapping secures individual product layers, and individual, flexible strapping can be used to secure stacked pallets, for example.

Stretch wrapping processes are primarily intended to protect the products from external influences, such as dust and moisture. However, wrapping is often also used to create a product bond on a pallet – at this point, a combination of strapping and wrapping can be used to create added value.

If both processes are combined, the result is a packaging solution with minimal use of materials. By strapping a pallet, a form-fit bond is created and the goods are secured for transport. Subsequent wrapping of the palletized goods is then only needed to protect them. Since a product bond already exists with the pallet, much less material can be used during wrapping and the process is environmentally friendly.

What was previously considered a resource-intensive process thus becomes minimal packaging. Talk to us about how you can optimize the packaging of your products.

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