Service & Repairs

We offer you a global service network that is unique in the industry. More than 100 Mosca service technicians and over 30 additional specialists employed by our subsidiaries and partners all over the world ensure that our strapping machines run perfectly at every location.

Service network in Asia-Pacific

The widespread local presence of our service team in Asia-Pacific ensures short response times and fast support. Mosca technicians at 8 locations as well as partners in further countries guarantee exceptional after-sales services. 

Technical support and remote maintenance

In an emergency, we support you on three levels. From the initial support on the phone or via email to second-level support via remote maintenance to on-site service by our technicians.

Telephone support provided by our experienced staff can help avoid the cost of an on-site service call. Our team of specialists helps customers with troubleshooting and offers technical assistance on the phone.

If telephone support fails to identify the error, or if further assistance is required, our in-house remote maintenance concept goes into action. If there is a malfunction, our Mosca experts can connect to the machine via VPN and quickly identify the problem. This allows them to make a diagnosis or install new software if required.

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