Quality & Safety

With the startup of the production site Muckental we have been investing in one of the most modern extrusion and packing facilities in Europe. The installed production technology guarantees highest strap quality standards. All relevant procedural parameters are constantly monitored and recorded. In addition, the running production process is measured continuously according to established standards. Further significant parameters are checked after 24 hours by our quality manager, resulting in the final release of the coils.

The production control by means of RFID technology is another milestone. The distinct identification of each single strap coil based on the fixed label allows a traceability of it throughout the production line up to the raw material. The starting materials and the produced strapping material are controlled in our laboratory equipped with modern analysis technology. Following technologies and control procedures demonstrate our sophisticated quality management:

Most modern extrusion technology

Permanent and continuous monitoring of facility parameters

Quality controls during production by in-house operator inspection

  • dimensional stability
  • strap weight
  • tensile strength
  • stretching
  • slice behavior

Additional quality controls after 24 h by our quality manager

  • strap bending (saber)
  • splice behavior

Fully automatic winding procedure

  • Automatic coil winding according determined running length
  • Fully automatic coil change

Labeling of each roll including all product relevant data

Traceability of the data up to the silo delivery by means of the shift log and the coil label:

  • date
  • time
  • product
  • extrusion line number
  • winder number

Lab analysis

The results of the incoming inspection and the tests during production are analysed

Technically trained personnel

Regularly occuring internal workshops

All these measures give you and us the guaranty that you will get a premium product for the safe securement of your goods. Let yourself be persuaded.

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