Corrugated Cardboard & Paper Industry

The corrugated industry plays special demands on strapping: The sensitive products must not be damaged by the packaging process, but need to be reliably bundled and secured for transport. Therefore, we treat the sensitive products with special care: Many of our machines allow the required strap tension to be individually set. An additional edge protection can also be used, as required. Our inline technology gently straps corrugated board “along the wave” and prevents the strapping from damaging the structure of the board.

The following slider displays our range of machines perfectly matching the demands of the corrugated industry:

Complex corrugated strapping

In the range of fully automatic solutions for strapping complex corrugated board products we offer three types of machines. All meet the requirements of gentle, fast and yet secure strapping:

The UCB as a cross strapping machine is notably for the corrugated industry. The ex works CE-compliant machine is operated manually and straps complex 4- and 6-point folding boxes safely. Specially designed for glossy printed materials or other fragile products, the machine can now be equipped with an integrated banding system – combining strapping and banding technologies in a single machine.

Thanks to innovative motor technology and a simplified user interface, the MCB-2 XT straps corrugated stacks particularly gently and inline, i.e. parallel to the flute, to prevent damage to the corrugated structure of the material. With two parallel sealing units, the high-performance machine can double-strap up to 27 packages per minute to keep pace with the growing production output of folding gluing machines.

The twin sealing heads in the UATRI-2 XT are set up in a mirrored configuration. This enables the machine to double strap narrower products compared to earlier models. Driven belts on the unit make it possible to strap shorter products up to 160 mm. This makes the machine ideal for very small products. High-end versions offer additional data interfaces for a fully automatic setup.

Pallet load securing

Pallet strapping machines are used to secure corrugated stacks or bundles for transport. Depending on the application these pallet strapping machines are extended by special options and thus adapt the performance to the extensive requirements:

Extensive and upgrading options

  • Electrical edge protection top and bottom
    The electrical edge protection positions corrugated board blanks precisely and quickly to protect sensitive loads such as corrugated board stacks or paper products from being cut by strapping.
  • High speed package
    The combination of high-speed drive, faster strap feed, high-speed strap guide lance and SoniXs sealing unit enables a significant increase in the number of strapped pallets per hour.
  • Splicing unit
    Thanks to the splicing unit with split dispenser, the operater no longer needs to entry a safety area when changing the strapping coil as the coil change takes place outside the safety area. The device is easy to use and saves both time and money: Thanks to the endless operation no strap wastes are produced.
  • Configurable strapping programs
    Via display, users can configure up to 200 program locations and activate them as required. Parallel or crosswise strapping, lance or closed strap guide frame, edge protection yes/no or pressing power – these and other variables can be easily programmed and retrieved by the operator, for example when changing products.
  • Pressing power
    Corrugated products are getting compressed before the strapping process. This way an optimum load securing is ensured and the loading volume is reduced. Optionally the pressing power can be increased up to 5 tons.
  • Lift rotary cross or turn table
    The lift rotary cross or turn table enables the goods to be turned after the strapping process. Thus the goods can be strapped crosswise in only one machine.
  • Centering unit integrated or upstream
    To ensure that the corrugated board stacks are correctly positioned inside the strapping machine, they are aligned either before being fed into the machine or directly in the machine by a centering unit.
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