Banding Machines & Strapping Systems

In addition to our strapping machines, we offer a broad portfolio of complete strapping systems for special securing requirements.  Our robust stretch wrap banding machines and wrapping systems handle multiple steps of the load securing process in a single pass and work extremely efficiently.

Our automatic pallet strapping machines, strap and secure your cargo onto the pallet in a single step, leaving it ready for logistics processing.

Depending on your requirements, we can combine pallet packing presses with additional equipment, such as pallet wrap machinery.  Pallets are automatically strapped and wrapped with stretch film in one process, ready for transport.  When there is little space is available, systems like these offer a invaluable alternative to large-volume production lines.

Mosca will find the best strapping solution for your needs.

Mosca are a world renowned and trusted banding machine manufacturer and strapping machine supplier supplying adaptable strapping solutions to meet any requirements.  The details of how a system is set up always depends on the individual case.  We develop the right solution for your business in close dialogue with you.  And our service does not end with the delivery of your system. We will train your staff and ensure that everything runs smoothly in your daily operations.  

To speak to a member of our highly knowledgeable team please call 0115 989 0209 or contact us for more information.

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