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Some call it banding or tying, here at Mosca we refer to the securing of products using Plastic Strap as 'Strapping'.  Mosca offer strapping machines to suit a vast array of industry solutions and extends from universal devices with a broad application range, to high-performance fully-automatic strapping machines that can be integrated into any higher-level automation line.

Whatever your needs may be, Mosca offers semi or fully-automatic strapping machines, Pallet Strapping Systems and Pallet Wrappers that enable users to reliably and efficiently bundle parcels, packages, boxes, tote boxes, timber stacks, bricks and blocks, corrugated board or other items to secure them for transport – all with maximum speed and reliability.

Mosca is totally focused on designing and producing strapping machine solutions that fully meet your needs while enhancing and streamlining your end of line processes.  Whether semi or fully-automatic, strapping machines are compactly constructed with the most up-to-date technology.  Many models are mounted on steering casters making them easy to move for use in different production areas at your site.  In addition, many of our strapping machines can be used from both sides offering a real advantage when work needs to be carried out quickly, thus allowing several people to use the same machine at once.

Mosca Strapping Machines: Advanced Technology

At Mosca we strive to continually develop and refine our technology and processes and work to an effective shared component concept.  By standardizing important core assembly items, we have succeeded in simplifying manufacture, maintenance and – if necessary – the replacement of individual components.  This means our customers directly benefit from the best Mosca quality at an attractive price.

Our unified Standard 6 strap path also supports you during daily operations.  Thanks to its construction, all core assemblies are easy to reach, enabling rapid maintenance or cleaning.  The strap path can be simply dismantled without tools and just as easily put back together in just a few steps.

Mosca SoniXs technology: ultrasonic strap welding

Mosca's patented ultrasonic SoniXs technology enables you not only to weld strap ends efficiently and with low emissions, it also produces a strap seal that is extremely stable, achieving up to 85% of the tensile strength of the actual strap.  Strapping machines fitted with a SoniXs sealing head are immediately available for use as they do not require a warming up period.  They only consume energy as and when needed to generate mechanical vibrations at the moment of welding.  This technology is unique to Mosca and remains unique in the market. Get to know SoniXs and take advantage of our expertise!

Mosca: We are strapping machine suppliers

We've got all the strapping solutions! Please call one of our highly knowledgeable team today to find out more.. Call 0115 989 0209 or contact us, we look forward to hearing from you.

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