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SoniXs Ultrasonic Sealing Technology

With the development of Mosca's patented ultrasonic sealing technology SoniXs, Mosca offers a unique, ground-breaking procedure that speeds up the strapping process, produces a super-efficient seal and is extremely clean.

The SoniXs sealing head uses ultrasonic mechanical vibrations, transmitted under pressure to the ends of the plastic strap compressing them together.  A special sonotrode – the heart of the SoniXs sealing unit – joins the strap ends, resulting in an extremely strong, consistent and fast seal.  The whole process is low on emissions and generates no residual heat.  The strapping process is very operator-friendly, low maintenance and because there are no moving parts is virtually wear-free.


SoniXs technology requires energy only in the moment of sealing.  This makes it particularly cost-efficient.  Thanks to the increased tensile strength, often thinner and / or narrower straps can be used, thus making considerable savings over its lifetime.


No smells, cleaning-intensive melted strap residues or polluting fumes are produced, as often happens with traditional heating systems when plastic strapping materials are thermally compounded. Low running noises by linear supported parts improve the working environment.


The complete sealing unit operates exclusively with brushless DC motors.  All movable parts travel short distances and are linear bearings. This guarantees a smooth flow with low friction resulting in durability thanks to less wear and tear.  The sonotrode of the ultrasonic sealing unit guarantees maximum tensile strength, ensuring transported goods withstand even particularly high loads.  Polyester (PET), Polypropylene (PP) and Polylactid (PLA) strapping materials are suitable for use with Mosca's SoniXs ultrasonic technology.

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