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New Mosca Engineering division established


Focus on manufacturing customer-specific machine solutions

At the beginning of the year, Mosca has set up a new unit to handle individual customer requests. Operating under the name Mosca Engineering, a dedicated team of experienced Mosca specialists handles sales, design and production for special machines and integrated system solutions. The new unit's mission is to respond faster and more efficiently to special requests that were previously handled in series production. The technological backbone is formed by tried and tested Mosca standard modules that are specially adapted to customer needs. The first project is already under development for an aerosol/canned product manufacturer in the UK.

From advice to design and production – customers in need of special strapping machine solutions can now turn to Mosca Engineering for a full range of services from a single source. This new business unit enables strapping experts in Waldbrunn to handle special orders faster and more efficiently. According to Mosca Engineering Sales Manager Christian Zwieb, the customer is involved throughout the entire process: "We start out with a blank sheet and work together step by step to design the right solution. The entire process is transparent for the customer." Direct involvement offers customers two key advantages. On the one hand, they are able to follow the engineering process at all times and influence it based on their needs. On the other hand, they can always keep track of the costs, which makes effective controlling possible. The dedicated support provided by Mosca Engineering continues after the machine has been delivered. For example, as part of the company's ONE Service concept, Mosca employees handle all aspects of machine maintenance and integration into existing production lines.

First project in the pipeline

The new engineering unit enables Mosca to respond to requests from industries for which no standard solution existed so far. Custom-made machines also open up new options for other companies in these industries. The requirement for transferring the necessary knowledge is the complete documentation and follow-up of all projects at Mosca Engineering. Eventually, Mosca Engineering will give Mosca customers an even larger machine portfolio to choose from. According to Zwieb, the best case would be "when we can eventually take the special solutions into series production." The new unit already has its first project in the pipeline: A manufacturer of cans in the UK has ordered three machines and is planning six more.

Leveraging in-house strengths

Mosca Engineering relies on its own strengths for implementing the projects. In the design phase, the strapping experts take advantage of the modular construction of series production machines. Instead of redesigning each component, tried-and-tested functional units that can be flexibly combined are used. For example, customers can rely on the patented SoniXs ultrasonic sealing unit and the Standard-6 strap path without additional design expenditures. The strap path can be removed and reinstalled without tools in just a few simple steps. Using proven components not only saves time and money, it also minimizes the technical risk. Along with reliable technologies, Mosca Engineering works with expert personnel. To offer customers maximum expertise, all employees in the new engineering unit have more than ten years of experience in the company. Christian Zwieb explains: "Leveraging our strengths enables Mosca Engineering to meet Mosca’s high quality standards from the start."

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