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Mosca is Mechanical Engineering Company of the Year 2024


For the second year in a row, Mosca GmbH has been named Germany’s best mechanical engineering company by Focus Money: in the “Company of the Year 2024” meta-study, Mosca outperformed competitors such as thyssenkrupp and Jungheinrich in the category of Mechanical and Plant Engineering, setting the industry standard with a perfect score.

With this award, Focus Money recognizes companies that have distinguished themselves by maintaining an appealing price-performance ratio, earning customer trust, attracting wider acclaim, and demonstrating social responsibility despite the challenging conditions of recent years. To this end, the magazine’s meta-study cites the findings of previous studies. For the categories “Price Leader,” “Highest Trust,” “Customer Favorites,” and “Germany’s Best – Sustainability,” artificial intelligence was used to analyze the public perception of more than 18,000 companies. Only companies that performed well in all disciplines could be named Company of the Year.

This is Mosca’s second consecutive industry victory, as the company already took first place in the Mechanical Engineering category in 2023. Furthermore, it has consistently secured leading positions in Focus Money’s sustainability ranking in recent years. “Being named Company of the Year once again demonstrates that we are well positioned with our solutions and continue to live up to the high level of trust our customers place in us,” says CEO Timo Mosca. “We found it particularly gratifying to be honored with this award, as we made major strides in the areas of service, innovation, and sustainability in 2023.”

Service, safety, and sustainability all in one: Mosca’s TechCenter

One of the major milestones reached was the establishment of the TechCenter in Waldbrunn, which helps answer questions relating to the topics of load safety and sustainability. Companies can have their transport packaging checked for safety, certified, and further optimized at a total of four test benches. They can also find answers to questions such as: Would a thinner plastic strap or less film be sufficient for securing items during transportation? Or could another type of primary or secondary packaging be more suitable for achieving the highest level of safety while minimizing resource consumption? “By providing guidance to our customers on precisely these issues, we assist them in finding the most effective packaging solutions to meet their needs,” says Timo Mosca. “We also developed a CO2 product calculator especially for the TechCenter in order to accurately determine the emissions generated by the packaging.”

Mosca broadened its range of services in 2023 by launching spare part kits that help address the challenges posed by the constrained supply chains of recent years. In addition to their machine, customers also receive a tailored package with essential spare parts, enabling them to quickly replace faulty components on their own rather than waiting for their delivery, thus minimizing machine downtime. Timo Mosca highlights that, with the TechCenter and spare part kits, “We were able to take our already high service quality to the next level last year, allowing us to advise and support our customers even better.”

Sustainability efforts further expanded in 2023

However, Mosca’s work in the area of sustainability is not limited to advising customers; the company also sets standards in its own commitment to sustainability. In its second voluntary sustainability report, the company recently outlined its ambitious goal of becoming the most sustainable provider of end-of-line packaging solutions. In the report, the company was able to demonstrate that it has increased the recycled content of its polypropylene  straps to 30 percent, while its PET  straps are already made entirely from recycled material. Mosca has set ambitious targets for reducing emissions, further increasing recycling rates and evaluating supply chains. Timo Mosca says: “Being honored as the best mechanical engineering company of the year is a welcome recognition of our achievements – and something that inspires us to strive for even greater improvement in the future while developing innovative, sustainable solutions that will address the challenges our customers will be facing in the years to come.”

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