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Fruit Logistica: Highspeed for fresh produce


Strapping machine EVOLUTION SoniXs MS-6-H ideal for peak loads

Preparing fresh produce for transport needs to be done quickly and reliably – especially during peak seasons. Fruit Logistica is where we are presenting a machine that perfectly meets a variety of needs in the food industry. Thanks to its high throughput speed, the EVOLUTION SoniXs MS-6-H is ideal for peak loads, e.g. in the harvest season. Food producers can use the high-performance machine to strap palletized cartons or plastic crates up to five times in 20 seconds. This makes the EVOLUTION SoniXs MS-6-H the fastest horizontal strapping machine for food products on the market.

Another key advantage when it comes to careful handling of fresh foods is the machine's integrated SoniXs ultrasonic technology that welds strap ends without heat or plastic fumes that could contaminate the food. And since the strapping material is not thermally melted, no plastic residue can accumulate on the sealing unit and affect its functionality. The EVOLUTION SoniXs MS-6-H is suitable for both PET and PP strapping. This enables users to choose the material according to budget or production needs.

Flexibility and reliability

Flexibility is indispensable in the food industry, where full and empty plastic crates and corrugated boxes in different formats and stack heights are shipped. The EVOLUTION SoniXs MS-6-H straps products based on specific programs or automatically selects the best strapping position. A built-in sensor detects the height of a product before the machine straps it according to customer-defined parameters. The EVOLUTION SoniXs MS-6-H can also adjust the strap tension to the sensitivity of the package. A choice of bandwidth ranging from 5 to 12 millimeters gives companies more flexibility. For empty boxes and other lightweight packages returned to the producer, 5-millimeter strapping is a cost-effective and efficient option. The EVOLUTION SoniXs MS-6-H can be integrated into fully automated lines or operated manually. This makes it suitable for smaller companies as well as for large-scale automated production.

Whenever large quantities of perishable food are being prepared for transport, it is especially important to ensure every step of the process works reliably. If a machine malfunctions, our proven ONE Service team goes into action. In Germany, a technician is on-site within 3.5 hours. A diagnosis is even faster with Mosca remote maintenance. The machine is connected via Ethernet cable to a customer's computer system. This enables a Mosca expert to establish a remote link and quickly get an overview of the machine's status.

Strapping as a brand messenger

In addition, we are exhibiting two entry-level models: MO-M-8 and RO-M Fusion. These machines ensure reliable strapping for smaller product quantities or less frequent use. The MO-M-8 at the trade show is equipped with an optional printer that companies can use to customize strapping material with a logo, marketing messages, packaging date or other information.  

See the Mosca Strapping Solutions for the Fruit Industry and visit us in hall 9, booth C-20.


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