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ANUGA FoodTec: Experience the advantages of ultrasonic technology in the food industry


Full-scale solutions designed to meet food industry demands: Mosca will be showcasing the advantages of ultrasonic technology for strapping food products combined with stretch wrapping as a cost-saving supplement at ANUGA FoodTec (Stand C091, Hall 7.1). The focus of the company’s presentation is on two machines: a SoniXs MS-6-VA with stainless steel housing and a Saturn S8 high-performance stretch wrapper from Movitec.

From fresh-produce trays, beverage crates and cartons to polystyrene boxes packed with chilled fish and meat: the food industry has a demand for product-specific packaging solutions unlike any other. For example, while good air circulation is essential for warm foods or fruit and vegetables to prevent mould, bakery products need to be packaged as stably as possible and protected from moisture. According to Mosca CEO Timo Mosca, "these factors make it even more important to choose the right transport protection. While strapping offers a material-saving solution for crates, boxes and stable products, stretch wrapping is an ideal addon for unstable packs or products that require protection from environmental conditions." At the ANUGA FoodTec show, Mosca will be presenting live demonstrations of machines designed to handle both applications.

Versatile advantages thanks to ultrasonic technology

Mosca highlights include the SoniXs MS-6-VA strapping machine designed for the food sector. This model is made entirely from corrosion-resistant materials to meet the food industry’s high hygiene standards – and can be easily cleaned with water. The machine features Mosca's SoniXs ultrasonic sealing unit that welds the plastic strap without heat, vapour, or odours. Timo Mosca: "The combination of corrosion-resistant stainless steel and our SoniXs ultrasonic technology makes the MS-6-VA ideal for handling fish, meat or other chilled products that require the machinery to be rinsed frequently. While machines that use heat welding systems are incapable of sealing moist straps, wet strapping material is never a problem for the SoniXs sealing unit." With heat welding units, strap dispensers must be manually covered before the machine can be cleaned. By eliminating this step, SoniXs MS-6-VA users can save valuable time. The machine’s side sealing unit and flexible positioning of strap dispensers offer additional protection against dirt and dripping water. The strap dispenser can also be mounted on top of the machine to save space – a real advantage in cramped production spaces. The optional double strap dispenser also saves time: when the strapping material on one coil runs out, the machine automatically switches to the full coil. The empty coil can be replaced at the operator’s convenience without interrupting production operations.

Saturn S8 for maximum throughput

The Movitec Saturn S8 adds stretch wrapping technology to the MS-6-VA strapping machine portfolio. Featuring a double head and a throughput of up to 160 pallets per hour, the rotary ring stretch wrapper manufactured by Mosca subsidiary Movitec is designed for food producers with very high demands. To create a secure stack, the machine first applies a vertical cardboard edge protector to the corners of the load unit. The ring then moves from top to bottom while the film dispenser rotates around the crates and wraps them evenly. Stretch wrap provides added stability along with protection against dust, moisture, or other external influences. Material consumption is minimised thanks to a 300% film pre-stretch.

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