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Corrugated Cardboard and Paper Industry

We developed inline technology to ensure that your corrugated board products reach your customers in the best possible condition. Inline technology gently straps corrugated board “along the wave” and prevents the strapping from damaging the structure of the board. Sensitive paper products are gently handled. Many of our machines allow the required strap tension to be individually set. Additional edge protection can also be used, as required.

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Mail Order and Logistics

In the mail order and logistics industry, deliveries of all different sizes are common. Products often need to be secured that do not correspond to regular size standards. The variety of dispatched and transported goods is immense and extends across almost all industries. Thanks to our versatile range of machines, we can find the ideal solution for every need. With the right model, we always leave you sufficient flexibility – no matter what items you want to strap and whether the job involves large pallets or small packages.

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Construction & Container

Construction and ceramic products are heavy and often bulky and sharp edged. A stable strapping solution is required that can reliably secure heavy loads over long periods. In conjunction with our PET straps, which are particularly suitable for rugged products, our machines deliver stable strapping with maximum availability.

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Food and Beverage Industry

Hygiene is of paramount importance when strapping food and beverages. This means that equipment along the entire process chain must be able to be quickly and easily cleaned. This is where our patented ultrasonic SoniXs technology comes into play. Still unique in the market, SoniXs does not require a heating element. Instead, the welding is carried out efficiently and with low emissions by ultrasonic waves. Some of our machines are made specifically for use in the food industry out of non-corrosive steel and can be cleaned with a powerful water jet without rusting. Fast processing is especially important for perishable goods. Because we know how important safe processes are in this area, our machines are completely reliable and deliver consistently high quality.

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Newspapers and Graphics Industry

Printed matter needs to be pressed before strapping. Otherwise there is a danger that air will slowly escape during transportation of the stacked products, resulting in the strapping becoming loose. Our machines can easily handle this problem. Depending on the model, both steps can even be carried out fully automatically. If required, a compact machine combination can perform cross strapping in a single operation, without needing to turn the product – quickly and with maximum process reliability. Especially in industries with a high throughput, this is an enormous advantage.

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