Industry Sector Solutions

Corrugated Cardboard and Paper Industry

We developed inline strapping technology to ensure that your corrugated board products reach your customers unharmed and in perfect condition. Our Inline technology gently straps corrugated board “along the wave” preventing the strap from damaging the structure of the board. Furthermore, sensitive paper products can be handled delicately by individually setting appropriate strap tensions and applying additional edge protection. Such features combined with our technical expertise allow us to find the best solution for your application.

Mail Order and Logistics

Strapping products of most different sizes are common in this industry and regularly stretch beyond standard packaging dimensions. This requires technical know-how and a machine fit for each individual environment. Thanks to our high-end product range of strapping machinery, we can supply the ideal solution for your application while providing appropriate flexibility and potential to increase efficiency.

Construction & Container

Building materials and ceramic products can be heavy, bulky and often sharply edged. Adequate strapping solutions that reliably secure heavy loads for long storage periods are essential in this environment. Together with our high quality PET strap, which is particularly suitable for rugged products, our state of the art strapping machines deliver reliability with the uptime you require.  

Food and Beverage Industry

Hygienic environments are paramount when handling food and beverage products. Therefore, all installed equipment requires certain sanitary standards to facilitate cleaning and sustainability. Next to supplying our advanced high quality stainless steel strapping machinery, we also apply our patented ultrasonic SoniXs sealing technology creating no toxic odors and vapors. This allows us to provide you with clean and energy efficient strapping solutions reducing maintenance while at the same time increasing efficiency without the need for heat-welding. 

Newspapers and Graphics Industry

Print products typically require compression before being strapped in order to guarantee secure transportation of stacked products which may contain air clusters within. Our machines are specifically designed to tackle these challenges and can be used in environments ranging from manual to fully automatic applications. Even demanding cross strapping patterns can be solved easily with only one or two machines.

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