Spare Parts Kit

Spare Parts Supply

We supply spare parts for your MOSCA strapping machines and systems - fast and reliable. If you are not sure, which spare part you exactly need, our specialists will be pleased to assist you with competent advice. Furthermore we provide you clever repair and maintenance kits or – if necessary – arrange a modification of your machine. Of course you will receive the corresponding documentation of your modified machine.

If you need a spare part for your MOSCA strapping machine, you can always rely on a competent advice and support in finding the right parts. We also take back incorrectly ordered or not needed parts with a 20 percent handling charge of the part price. With an ad hoc delivery rate of 97 percent of machine-relevant spare parts, we can deliver lots of parts within 24 hours, which reduces costly production downtime. Additionally, you also get 6 months guarantee on all wearing parts.


In order to be able to identify all ordered spare parts quickly and easily, they are separately packed and clearly labeled. Our standard parcel service for spare parts deliveries is UPS. So you can receive your package as soon as possible and track it all the time. All packages sent within Germany with UPS are charged with a fee of 9.75 € for postage and packing, even if your package should be slightly heavier. Differing costs incur for larger deliveries, which are packed on pallets and shipped by forwarding agent or for deliveries outside Germany.


Spare Parts Kit

To avoid delivery bottlenecks, we have developed standardised spare-part kits to complement our standardized ONE Service concept. In addition to maintenance kits, spare-part boxes are the optimal supplement to the all-round carefree package. In order to be able to react immediately in case of short-term machine malfunctions, we recommend keeping the appropriate spare parts on site, assembled in a box, just in case.

With the expertise of our service staff and technicians, the basic spare parts for each machine type and all standard units have been compiled in a spare-part kit. The sustainably designed box made of sturdy cardboard contains the recommended spare parts clearly divided into four compartments. The list of spare parts contained can be called up via QR code and the required item can be identified immediately. Minor malfunctions can thus be rectified immediately and the productivity of the machines and systems in operation can be ensured at a high level.  


  • All key components are included in the spare parts package
  • Standardised spare parts kits reduce machine downtime
  • Repairs are not affected by delivery delays, material shortage or other external factors
  • Operator training ensures safe machine operation and elimination of minor malfunctions
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