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Vision, Mission and Values


As an independent family-owned and managed enterprise, Mosca constantly strives to serve customers worldwide as an outstanding strapping systems supplier.

Mosca is the quality and technology leader when it comes to developing and manufacturing high-quality strapping machines, straps and load-securing systems in professional and industrial applications. Mosca's results-driven approach creates the basis for future-facing, successful innovation and development.


Mosca sets high quality standards for its products as well as for the company's pioneering innovative technology. The company solves customer-specific problems with advanced, state-of-the-art technology and supplies perfect system solutions from a single source all around the world. All innovations are based on decades of experience, the skills and expertise of Mosca's employees and a results-driven corporate philosophy.


Mosca operates according to values that the employees embrace inside and outside of the company. These values serve as key elements of its corporate identity. 

The core values are responsibility, trust and openness.

With its corporate success, Mosca also accepts social responsibility. Its employees always work towards a solution and conduct themselves self-critically and constructively. The responsibility for the quality of products and services is shared by all. Trust is fostered by correct and respectful communication. Managers role models in Waldbrunn, who create space for each individual to optimally develop their skills. Personal responsibility and team spirit are central factors and Mosca’s employees maintain a cooperative, trusting relationship with their suppliers and customers.

Mosca faces change with an open mind and optimism. Changes are challenges for further development, securing the company and customers’ sustainable success. Mosca always remains open to unprecedented solutions for the future. 


Mosca supplies a lot more than strapping machines. We offer our customers an end-to-end solution aimed at precisely meeting their needs. Across the globe, the name Mosca stands for expert advice, outstanding machine quality, optimal consumables and a comprehensive, total service concept.


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