Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision shows what we are striving for – the Mission highlights how we want to achieve it. To pursue these two core elements of our corporate strategy, we need a solid foundation, which supports our Vision and Mission and helps us to fullfill it.

At Mosca, this foundation is built upon six Strategic Pillars. These are described by statements of commitment and have a decisive influence on the corporate strategy by helping to achieve the Vision and Mission.


Deliver the world’s most effective and sustainable solutions for safe and secure product handling.


Combine smart and innovative technology with application-based engineering and best-in-class customer support to provide superior end-of-line packaging systems.

We continuously strive for exceptional performance through a global organization dedicated to a culture that values employee empowerment, sustainable practices and corporate responsibility to the benefit of all stakeholders.

prehensive, total service concept.

Strategic Pillars


Our core business is strapping systems.


We are a customer-focused Technology and Service Company.

Innovation & Excellence are part of Mosca's DNA and drive all aspects of our business.

Our products stand for quality, efficiency, reliability and sustainability.


We build complete end-of-line systems and integrate with up- and downstream solutions.


We foster strategic alliances with integrators and service providers.

We actively monitor our business network to enter into new industries and market opportunities.


We think global and act local through our worldwide presence with guidance from HQ’s corporate governance and an entrepreneurial approach to meet local market needs.


We work with well-defined, lean processes and standard integrated systems.

We lead the transformation to digitalization and Industry 4.0 in our company and products.


Our growth is based on organic business growth, strategic partnerships and acquisitions.


Continued economic success with a long-term perspective ensures financial health and is the basis for sustainable growth and innovation.

Mosca's road to the future!
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