Our portfolio of Mosca strapping machines extends from universal devices with a broad application range to fully automatic high-performance machines that can be integrated into any higher-level automation line.

Depending on your needs, we offer you an extensive selection of strapping machines, ranging from semi- to fully-automatic, that enable you to reliably and efficiently bundle your parcels, packages, boxes or other items and secure them for transport – all designed to guarantee optimal uptime.

Because we are totally focused on your needs, we take account of practical aspects throughout the design stage, from which you fully benefit. Whether semi- or fully automatic, our machines are compactly constructed and require little space at your facility. Many models are mounted on four casters, which makes them easy to move if they are ever needed in a different production area. In addition, many of our strapping machines can be used from both sides. This is a real advantage when work needs to be carried out fast and several people are using the same machine at once.

Same parts – great benefits


In further developing and refining our machines, we consistently apply a shared component concept. By standardizing important core assemblies, we have succeeded in simplifying manufacture, maintenance and – if necessary – the replacement of individual components. This means that you directly benefit from the best Mosca quality at attractive prices.

Our unified Standard 6 strap path also supports you during daily operations. Thanks to its easily accessible construction, all core assemblies are very easy to reach, enabling rapid maintenance or cleaning. The strap path can be easily dismantled without tools and just as easily put back together again in a few steps.

Unique: strapping with ultrasonic welding

Our patented ultrasonic SoniXs technology enables you not only to weld highly efficiently and with low emissions. The weld is extremely stable, reaching up to 85 % of the tensile strength of the actual strap. Machines fitted with a SoniXs aggregate can be used at any time because they do not need to warm up. They only consume energy selectively to generate mechanical vibrations at the moment of welding. This technology still remains unique in the market. Get to know SoniXs and take advantage of our expertise!

Mosca's road to the future!
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