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Issue 2/2017

In this issue of our customer magazine, we present an overview of different Mosca activities – from new products and user applications, to the reorganization of our strapping material logistics. We are introducing two new additions to the Mosca machine portfolio: the EVOLUTION SoniXs MS-6-H and the UCB. While we engineered the UCB specifically for strapping corrugated board products, the EVOLUTION SoniXs MS-6-H is designed for large furniture items and household appliances.

From strapping machines to strapping materials, at Mosca we take product quality and the development of individual solutions to meet all customer needs very seriously. That's why we're always delighted to share remarkable user experiences that attest to it. Read more about the project we realized in cooperation with Toyota Motor Manufacturing France in only nine weeks.

We not only believe in what we call "Responsible Production." We also consider it our  responsibility to engage in social projects at our plant sites as well as on an international  scale. One of the articles in this issue describes the development of the World Vision project in Burundi, something we have been supporting since 2011.

This issue also offers us the opportunity to look ahead and give you an overview of our plans for the upcoming 2018 training year.

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Issue 1/2017

For us, "Excellence in Strapping Solutions" means more than expert guidance and support, reliable machines, sustainable strapping materials and preventative service. We believe that networking all of these aspects is a key factor for future success. "Industry 4.0", the term that describes this, originated in Germany. By networking our machines and consumables and offering comprehensive support, we help you optimize your processes and lower costs. A lot of processing costs can be saved by the right investment. Read about how you can optimize your strap orders with an RFID system in this issue.

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