Plant Muckental

As a system provider, along with our high quality strapping systems, we also produce the relevant strapping material. To stay ahead of the growing international competition we made a major investment in our strap production division in 2007 and built a new production site in Muckental, not far away from our headquarters in Waldbrunn. The entire strap production including warehousing, shipping and administration was relocated to this new plant facility, which is one of the most modern manufacturing sites in Europe, allowing us to meet the increasing demand for high-quality strapping material with short delivery times.

Several automated extrusion lines in operation 24/7 produce PP and PET plastic strap for strapping machines. Ranging in width from 5 to 15.5 mm, the strap can be used in all strapping machines, irrespective of the machine type or manufacturer.

Environmental sustainability was a key issue from the very early stages of planning, construction and operation of the plant. At our new production plant, we have put the potential of the huge flat roof to full use and installed a photovoltaic system with 2,500 square meters of solar panels, which feed the power supply system. Energy is recycled even inside the production hall. The isolated hot parts of the machine equipment provide high energy efficiency and any remaining waste heat is used to heat the hall on cold days. Energy gained from brake lines is made available to the system again in form of electricity, since parts of the production line have powered motors with an electronic transformer.

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