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As a technology leader in the strapping industry, we have been developing our machines and strapping materials for decades with the aim of offering high-quality solutions for a wide range of requirements and applications. Many of our innovations are now established as industry standards.

Our innovation strength allows us to consistently offer you the highest MOSCA quality in three machine classes, precisely tailored to your needs – from manual to fully automated operation and as stand-alone or interlinked machines. Our machine class III ensures that you are fully equipped for the networked factory of tomorrow.

Ultrasonic technology is an established standard in many of our machines. Developed and patented by us, SoniXs® technology seals the ends of the strapping material using ultrasonic vibrations. This happens in just a few milliseconds and the result is both secure and low in emissions. The advantage for you is significantly greater efficiency. In contrast to conventional sealing systems, this technology generates minimal power loss, which reduces both energy costs and emissions.

Plastic PET straps, which we produce from 100 percent recycled material, are particularly suitable for ultrasonic sealing. Going one step further, we developed the ECO-Strap. This alternative to classic plastic straps is produced without using raw materials derived from fossil resources. Our aim here is not just to develop an ecological strap, but also to ensure that we create the necessary recyclable material disposal and recycling circle.

Our ability to innovate spans the entire value chain and runs through our entire organization. To this end, we are also constantly developing our internal technologies and manufacturing processes. We additively produce components in series, use AR and VR applications, test collaborative robotics and advance the digitization process using edge and cloud technology.

We know that the best ideas and the way they are implemented are the result of collaboration. That is why we regularly work with universities, colleges, start-ups and innovative companies, in addition to our regular interactions with our customers. If you are interested in working with us, we would be happy to hear from you. Please feel free to get in touch.

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