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Organizational Structure of the MOSCA Group

MOSCA GmbH serves as the Management Holding Company for the globally operating MOSCA Group. The Management consists of the MOSCA Corporate CEOs and the MOSCA Corporate Management, which is composed of the divisional Group Directors. They together make the strategic decisions for the entire MOSCA Group.

Corporate CEOs

  • Timo Mosca


  • Simone Mosca


  • Alfred Kugler


Corporate Management

  • Jürgen Beisel

    Group Director Production

  • Björn Muth

    Group Director Finance & Controlling

  • Eckhard Vierling

    Group Director Machine Assembly

  • Adrian Ritzhaupt

    Group Director Commercial & Service

  • Johannes van der Beek

    Group Director R & D / Design & Engineering

  • Jan Wessel

    Group Director Strap & Consumables

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