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Transport protection for fragile products: UCB machine with banding technology


To meet the demand for the best possible transport security for every product, MOSCA is integrating a banding system into its UCB fully automatic corrugated cardboard strapping machine. This model will now be capable of reliably and gently securing even the most fragile products.

"Our UCB strapping machine has been established in the corrugated board industry for many years. We can now equip or retrofit this model with a banding system specially designed for glossy printed materials or other fragile products that consumers expect to be 100% damage free," Mosca CEO Timo Mosca explains. The integrated banding system was developed by the Waldbrunn-based strapping specialists in cooperation with their long-standing partner ATS Tanner. "Joint projects like these enable us to continuously advance our technologies and develop innovative approaches for our standard models as a means of more effectively supporting our customers' processes."

Similar to the strapping process, the UCB  machine automatically secures product stacks with banding material. The operator simply places the stack of corrugated cardboard into position and the machine takes over. It aligns the stack on up to six sides, which makes banding complex 4 and 6-point folding boxes possible without the slightest problem. Then the UCB gently applies a band to the aligned stack and securely bundles the package. The width of the band is a key factor when it comes to avoiding product damage. The UCB uses a 20 mm wide banding film that bundles products more gently for optimum transport safety. Similar to the process used for strapping, Mosca relies on ultrasonic technology to seal the banding film. Unlike a thermal process, energy is only required at certain points and there are no warm-up phases.

The UCB enables more sensitive banding with its self-learning teach-in function. The machine precisely measures new products and stores their dimensions. The band can then be applied gently and accurately to all subsequent products of the same type.

Quick changeover and uncomplicated handling

Mondi GmbH, a Mosca customer who specialises in corrugated cardboard, tested the banding technology for six months to bundle folding boxes in stacks of 15 to 20. Mondi production manager Jörg Erhardt was satisfied with the test run: "Machine operation was easy and proved to be no problem for our staff. Of course, there was an adjustment phase, but we managed it well – thanks to the great teamwork with Mosca. If we had any questions, someone was immediately available to support us."

"Combining strapping and banding technologies in a single machine enables our customers to adapt their bundling operations more flexibly to each product," Timo Mosca explains. Only a few manual steps are required to switch between banding and strapping. The machine shuts down automatically and the banding unit can be pulled out and replaced with the strapping unit. There's no need to change parameters: the machine automatically adjusts to the selected process. The changeover is completed in just a few minutes and can be carried out, for example, during a product change on the upstream folding box gluer without any additional downtime.

The sealing unit and dispenser are easy to access, which simplifies maintenance and cleaning. "This is a big advantage – especially in the corrugated cardboard industry, where there's a lot of dust," adds Jörg Erhardt.

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