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Sustainability on all levels: MOSCA signs WIN-Charta


Waldbrunn, Germany 27 May 2021 – Following years of commitment to improving sustainability, MOSCA signed the Baden-Württemberg WIN-Charta on 21 May 2021. The strapping specialists' pursuit of sustainability is now publicly verifiable.

"Sustainability has been a cornerstone of our company's philosophy for many years. From ecological, to economic and social, we strive for sustainability on all levels," explains MOSCA CEO Simone Mosca. "Signing the WIN-Charta is simply the next logical step for us." Founded as part of the sustainability strategy in the state of Baden-Württemberg, the WIN-Charta is an instrument aimed at promoting the sustainability efforts of small and medium-sized enterprises. Based on self-commitment, initiative and open communication, the charter's 12 guiding principles cover several areas: human and employee rights, environmental issues, regional and economic value-added, sustainable and fair finances. Signing the WIN-Charta on 21 May demonstrates MOSCA's commitment to sustainability.

The WIN-Charta guiding principles are nothing new to MOSCA. These concepts have been firmly integrated into the company's values and are already being implemented in many areas. This is exemplified by products like PET strapping made from 100% recycled materials, or in-house developments like the patented SoniXs ultrasonic strapping technology designed for energy efficiency and much more. MOSCA has also been committed to social issues for years. This is exemplified by educational projects in cooperation with the international World Vision relief organisation. The company regularly supports regional projects, most recently within the framework of the MOSCA sustainability competition in 2020.

By signing the WIN-Charta, MOSCA is making its sustainability efforts more publicly visible and verifiable. Within the next three months, the company plans to submit a target concept. This will be followed by measures including the implementation of a local WIN concept. Publication of the first sustainability report, which will cover MOSCA headquarters in Waldbrunn as well as the company's other 23 sites worldwide, is planned before the end of the year.

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